Monday, March 27, 2017

The 5th Annual Tigers Meet Harlequin Extravaganza!

That's right kids, it's that time of year again.  When hope springs eternal and even Chicago Cubs fans think their team can win the World Series (oh yeah...that's right...).  Opening Day of the Major League Baseball season kicks off on Monday, April 3.  Seriously, probably my absolute favorite time of the year.  Hands down. Bar none.

I can't believe it, but that "brilliant" (depending on who you ask...) idea I had back in 2013 is now celebrating it's 5th anniversary.  Once again I will be taking four lucky players on the current Detroit Tigers roster and spinning them their very own Harlequin romances.  Per usual (for any lawyers reading this...) these stories are 1% truth and 99% pure Grade A malarkey.  I love Harlequins and I love Detroit Tigers baseball - so why not throw them both in a blender and see what kind of half-baked idea is the result?

This year brings us two new editions to the Tigers Meet Harlequin All-Star roster and two returning players getting brand new stories.  We'll kick things off tomorrow, but in the meantime, why not catch-up and/or relive the previous four years of shenanigans?

2016 Tigers Meet Harlequin Roster:
Miguel Cabrera, first base - The Slugger's Family Promise
Daniel Norris, starting pitcher - The Pitcher's Second Chance Romance
James McCann, catcher - The Catcher's Sexy Revenge
Brad Ausmus, manager - The Secretary's Dreamy Bombshell

2015 Tigers Meet Harlequin Roster:
J.D Martinez, outfield - Someone to Come Home to
Ian Kinsler, second base - The Texan's Redemption
Yoenis Cespedes, outfield (NY Mets) - The Woman He Couldn't Forget
David Price, starting pitcher (Boston Red Sox) - Reunited with the Pitcher's Sweetheart

2014 Tigers Meet Harlequin Roster:
Rick Porcello, starting pitcher (Boston Red Sox) - Angling Towards Danger
Alex Avila, catcher - Collision at Home
Jose Iglesias, shortstop - The Shortstop's Secret Baby
Max Scherzer, starting pitcher (Washington Nationals) - His Brother's Keeper

2013 Tigers Meet Harlequin Roster:
Victor Martinez, designated hitter - The Single Dad's Homerun
Austin Jackson, outfield (Cleveland Indians) - Action Jackson
Phil Coke, relief pitcher (Japan) - Good Time Phil
Prince Field, first base (Retired) - Daddy Doesn't Love Me
Justin Verlander, starting pitcher - Bring the Heat
Miguel Cabrera, third base (now first base) - The Venezuelan's Sexy Bodyguard


PJ Ausdenmore said...

I can't believe I never saw this before, Wendy. Having grown up a Tigers fan who stayed up half the night reading Harlequin romances with a flashlight under the covers, these stories are like margaritas-on-the-beach delicious!

Barb in Maryland said...

I am so glad you are doing this for another year. I adored your previous stories treatments, even though I'm a Baltimore fan.
What's not to like about hunky ballplayers finding true love? I will have my popcorn ready!

Wendy said...

PJ: Are you saying you have other things besides read my blog? LOL

Barb: I pretty much had two of the four stories mapped out in my head before last season ended - which is a good thing since I pulled a marathon blog post writing session over the weekend :)