Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Venezuelan's Sexy Bodyguard

Why is she starting with me first?!?!
Our Hero: Miguel Cabrera

What You Need To Know: Miguel "Miggy" Cabrera  has been a highly touted player from the moment he broke through with the Florida Marlins organization in 2003.  During one of their annual fire sales (the 2007 one), the Marlins off-loaded Miggy to Detroit for a number of prospects who are now either 1) playing elsewhere or 2) have faded away.  He's been a great player for Detroit, culminating in the 2012 season when he won the MVP (Most Valuable Player) and the Triple Crown, leading the American League in homeruns, batting average and runs-batted-in (RBIs) - a feat that hadn't been accomplished in 45 years.  Oh, and he did all this after switching back to playing third base (a position he hadn't played since leaving Florida) and leading the team to a World Series.

His Baggage: A case where Miggy has some real-life issues that could work in a romance novel.  He's an intensely private person, and by some media accounts dislikes being embarrassed or saying the wrong thing (which is why he will sometimes use an interpreter for interviews and such even though he does speak English fairly well).  He's reportedly a good teammate, a hard worker, and gets on well with his coaches - it's just he's very distrustful of people he doesn't know AKA "outsiders."  Which is why what fans know about Miggy, outside of the ballpark, is mostly wrapped up with his alcohol issues.  After a night out on the town in 2009, he arrived home, got into an argument with his wife, and the police were called.  Then in 2011, right before his scheduled arrival at the Tigers Spring Training facility, cops encountered him and his disabled car on the side of the road.  Miggy apparently kicked up a bit of a fuss, and was arrested on a DUI.  Since this last incident he has been on the straight and narrow - sitting out the various raucous post-season champagne soaked celebrations the Tigers took part in last post season.  Adding to the belief that he's working on his alcohol issues?  Since laying off the sauce he's been in fabulous shape.  Last year he looked great and this spring he looks even better.

The Proposed Category Romance Plot: A star player that the team has invested considerable time and money in, the front office is worried that he'll fall off the wagon.  Yes, he's in recovery - but that's no guarantee that he'll stay on the right path.  To ensure he continues to toe-the-line, they hire a security team to babysit him - a development he deeply resents.  However things start looking  up when he meets the head of the security detail.  Yep, a woman.  A seeeeexxxxxxxxyyyyyy woman.

Don't mind my stealing....
The Heroine: Working for a well-respected security company that caters to high-profile clientele, she's used to being underestimated.  Not only is she a woman in a man's world, she's a bit of a glamour girl.  A beautiful woman who likes designer clothes?  Yeah she's either a gold-digger or a brain-dead ninny.  She lets the fools think what they want, as long as her boss and clients believe in her abilities the rest can go to Hell.  However, when she meets her latest assignment, she knows she's got her work cut out for her.  She believes he's determined to work on his sobriety, now all she has to do is convince him that their relationship needs to stay strictly business.  But ooooh, it's not going to be easy.

What Category Romance Line?:  This is what old-timey baseball types would call a Can Of Corn.  Cabrera is Venezuelan, doesn't trust easily and as evidenced by this parody spoof he made last year for MLB, a fan of telenovelas.  Yeah, Harlequin Presents all day long.


Barb in Maryland said...

I can't believe no one has commented before me! I love this set up---i'd read this book in a heart beat.

Phyl said...

C'mon Wendy! Please tell us you lined up some authors ready to write this stuff for us! Want.

Tracy S said...

I agree with Phyl! :)

Wendy said...

Barb: I know, right? You can totally see how this set-up would work in an HP. He's distrustful, she's hired by his bosses to babysit him.....

Phyl & Tracy: Ha! Dear Harlequin: Please hire me to concoct sports-themed continuity series.