Review Guidelines

The Misadventures of Super Librarian launched in 2003 solely as a space where I could ramble outside of my work as a book reviewer.  Over the years the blog has evolved to become my main hub for my book reviews. 

I reviewed for The Romance Reader and The Mystery Reader (both now defunct) from 1999-2007.  I left, in part, because of burn-out and my blog afforded me the ability to be selective, only reviewing those books that held my attention.  These days my reviews can currently be found on this blog, The Good The Bad and The Unread and Heroes & Heartbreakers.

I have a very relaxed writing style - almost chatty.  If you're looking for deep critical analysis, or varied discussions on historical anachronisms etc. - I'm probably not the reviewer for you.  I'm a see book, read book, hopefully like book and tell you why I liked it sort of reviewer.

My grading system is very simple and is as follows:
  • A = OMG, this book was so awesome I want to marry it and have babies with it.  Also, very important, I want to drop everything and immediately re-read it.  I have a TBR that can be seen from space, so if the book is so fantastic I want to brave TBR Guilt and do a re-read?  Yeah, it's full of awesome.
  • B = This was a very good book and I would recommend it.
  • C = Meh.  This was an OK book.  Average.  It probably had some stuff I liked, some stuff I hated, and it all came out in the wash.
  • D = I popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate that I was done slogging through it.  Pretty awful, but with one or two redeeming qualities.
  • F = So awful that my eyes started bleeding.
  • DNF = Did Not Finish.  For whatever reason the book wasn't working for me and I couldn't be bothered to finish it.
A grades are rare. I tend to average less than 10 a year.  F grades are also rare. If a book is failing me on that level I'm likely to DNF it instead of finishing.  B and C grades tend to be the most common. And a gentle reminder that a B is a good book on my rating scale

I do accept review requests.  Here are a few things to consider:
  • This blog is run by one person.  Me.  I'm it.  My pile of ARCs is now a TBR pile unto itself.  I'm at the point where I cannot promise reviews in a timely manner (on or very close to release date).  If you need those reviews to post really close to the release date? Take this under advisement. 
  • I primarily review romance and mystery. Please note: I'm very selective with paranormal books. It's not a sub genre I naturally gravitate towards. 
  • I accept digital ARCs.  Mobi preferred, but EPUB is also fine.  Also, I'm a librarian. Rest assured I will not pirate your digital ARC.
  • I'm not a blog that does blog tours or promo-style posts generated by the author/publicist/publisher.  Most posts of this nature featured in my archives were things I generated for authors I personally read and loved, or tour-style posts I put together with friends.
Sample Reviews:

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(Please note: I was blogging back in the stone ages before "tags."  Which means I'm still slogging through my archives tagging old posts.  Sigh)

Either my style is something you're comfortable with, or it's not.  No hard feelings.  That's the great thing about the Internet.  There are a plethora of book blogs out there now, and there is literally something for every taste.

Updated and posted 2/8/2016