Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tigers Meet Harlequin: The Catcher's Sexy Revenge

Our Hero: James McCannn

What You Need to Know: Taken in the second round of the 2011 draft by the Tigers, McCann was one of four catchers Detroit drafted that year looking for the guy who would carry them into the future.  McCann won the race, having a cup of coffee in Detroit in 2014 then making the big league roster to back-up starter and Tigers Meet Harlequin All-Star Alex Avila in 2015.  He hasn't been down to AAA Toledo since.

He's also a big reason why Alex was sent packing when he became a free agent.  McCann has come into his own and he's seen as a leader in the clubhouse.  What does Wendy think?  I think he's young and the jury is still out.  Also, I'll be blunt.  While Avila was plagued with injury issues, that guy calls a damn fine ballgame.  I wasn't all that in love with McCann's game calling last season - but then my whole team turned out to be a dumpster fire, so I'm probably not being fair.  I think this will be a telling year for McCann and I hope I fall completely in love with him.

His Baggage: So...last year. Last year was not good.  OK, it was awful.  After four years of American League Central Division titles in a row - the Tigers went from first place to last place.  First to worst.  For a team that was loaded with talent - but, you know, with a crappy bullpen (among other issues).  It was hard to watch and I'm sure hard for the players and coaching staff.

Tensions bubbled over in early August when McCann and former Tigers Meet Harlequin All-Star Jose Iglesias got into a shoving match in the dugout.  On camera.  It was depressing.  I really like Jose so I spent a little while simmering over McCann and just generally being disgusted with the whole lot of them.

The Proposed Category Romance Plot: Catchers are not only leaders among the pitching staff, but also the clubhouse and he's trying to get his feet under him after replacing a popular teammate.  The fact that the team, and some of the pitching staff, are struggling this year has not made the transition any easier.  After a stinging defeat at the hands of the Red Sox, he loses his temper and comes to blows with one of his teammates.  He knows it was stupid, but dang - the guy has been rubbing him the wrong way.  He needs to stay focused.  He needs to right the ship.  But seeing Jose across the clubhouse every day has proven to be irritating.  And then in walks the man's all too sexy twin sister and he comes up with a plan... Heroine:  As twins she and Jose were really close growing up.  So close that when he made it to the big leagues she moved in with him to help take care of his house, help with his travel arrangements, and basically act as his personal assistant.  Normally it's great fun, but this year?  With the team doing poorly?  It's been less than happy times.  And now her hot-headed brother has gotten into an altercation with the team's new catcher.  Ugh.  She knows Jose isn't blameless but seriously, McCann could have backed off.  And while she knows she shouldn't get in the middle of it?  Her own hot temper boils over one night when she runs into James at her favorite restaurant.  Even though she knows she should stay far away - she can't ignore the attraction.  But is he just using her to get back at her brother?

What Category Romance Line?:  A hero who is possibly using the heroine to get revenge on her twin brother?  OMG, if this isn't a Harlequin Presents story I'm not sure what would qualify.  McCann's not a Greek tycoon, but hey - none of us is perfect.


Phyl said...

Totally Harlequin Presents. Especially if McCann & Jose have big contracts :)

Tracy Smith said...

I'd read this! :)

Wendy said...

Phyl: You know, I'm not sure. Jose, I think, is making decent money - but not Superstar Obscene money :) And McCann is not that far removed from being a rookie. So it's all macho male egos here!

Tracy: A couple years ago I gave Jose a secret baby. Now he has a twin sister and is stuck in a revenge story. I figure all that's left is for him is amnesia :)