Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tigers Meet Harlequin: The Slugger's Family Promise

Our Hero: Miguel Cabrera

What You Need to Know: Miguel "Miggy" Cabrera is one of the premier players in all of Major League Baseball.  A World Series champion with the 2003 Florida Marlins, he's a 10-time All-Star, 2-time American League MVP, 6-time Silver Slugger winner, 4-time American League batting champ, 2-time American League homerun leader, 2-time American League RBI (runs batted in) leader and he won the Triple Crown (lead the league in RBIs, homeruns and batting average) in 2012 - the first time that had been accomplished in 45 years.

Yeah, Miggy is pretty good at baseball.

His Baggage: So the last time we saw Miggy as a Tigers Meet Harlequin All-Star he was overcoming some wee issues he was having with alcohol and falling for the sexy head of his new security detail in a Harlequin Presents story.  By all accounts Miggy has put the past behind him and in recent years we've gotten Fun-Loving Miggy.  Nobody has a better time at the ballpark than when Miggy is being Miggy:

Then there was this great interaction he had with a young Cleveland Indians fan last season.  After the kid makes a sweet snag on a foul ball, he takes the opportunity to talk a little trash with the opposing team's first baseman.  Well, just see what happens next:

The Proposed Category Romance Plot: The last couple of seasons have been rough. His numbers were still respectable, but with the team vastly under performing all eyes are on him, the team's superstar, to put everyone on his back and carry them towards the promise land.  But he's getting older and nagging injuries the last couple of years have slowed him down.

Now, fully healthy, ready to rock n' roll, he decides that this season will be different.  This season he is determined to have fun.  To learn to embrace the game again like he did when he was a young boy growing up in Venezuela.  And helping him find his groove?  A young fan for one of his team's biggest rivals.

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B015CIL3RI/themisaofsupe-20The Heroine: It's just her and her nephew.  Her parents long past, her brother-in-law killed in a freak car accident, when her only living relative, her baby sister, is diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer, she quits her job in Michigan and moves to Ohio to take care of her sister and help raise her nephew.  Her sister now gone, she's completely unprepared to raise a 12-year-old boy on her own.  She never thought she'd have kids.  In fact, had no plans.  And now here she is, a mother (of sorts).  It's been a bumpy adjustment.  The only time they seem to connect is when they're watching baseball - even if he is an Indians (::shudder::) fan.  But taking him to the ballpark is the only time the kid seems to come out of his grief, so for that she'll soldier on and watch (::shudder::) the Indians.  When the Tigers come to town she scrapes up enough money to get insane seats and before you know it?  They're meeting the star player and she's getting dazzled by his charm and charisma.  But what would a big time ballplayer want with a woman who has lost everyone dear to her and who is holding on by a thread?

What Category Romance Line?:  Awwww, Miggy helping a family heal from grief.  What a guy!  Sweet and lovely, plus we have a kid.  So yeah - Harlequin Special Edition.


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Phyl said...

I would read this in a heartbeat. Plus, Ohio.

azteclady said...

You know, Miz Wendy, with these posts, you *almost* make sports interesting to me--and I'm the one who'll turn the tv off if anything involving people chasing, hitting, kicking, or otherwise messing about with round objects comes on ;-)

Tracy Smith said...

Yay! It's my favorite time - When you put baseball players into Harlequin books!

Wendy said...

My loyal followers :)

Phyl: I thought you'd like the Ohio bit...

AL: The irony being that I am SUPER SELECTIVE when it comes to reading sports romances. You know how some folks nit-pick Regencies? Yeah, that's me with sports romances. I've been burned so many times by lack of research...it's infuriating to me. For that reason I actually read very few of them. I tend to stick to authors that I know are big sports fans in Real Life. Like say, if Nicole Helm ever decided to write a baseball romance I'd be all over it :)