Monday, May 17, 2010

What's In ILL?: An Actress, A Texas Ranger And Feudin' Brothers

It's been ages since I've gone snooping around in our InterLibrary Loan department, and I was in need in a fix. Holding true to my library's usual pattern, it was older Harlequins, traditional Regencies and older historical romances that were coming and going. Here's a sampling of what I found:

Christmas Belle by Mary Balogh


Once they were lovers. Isabella was a fledgling actress, struggling to survive. Jack Frazer was a youth as innocent as he was handsome, consumed by love for this girl whom he could never make his wife.

Their year together was bliss; their parting bitter with jealousy and anger. But that had been long ago. Now Isabella was the premier star of the London stage. And Jack was the city's supreme rake, a jaded libertine currently courting an exquisite if inexperienced young lady on orders from his titled grandmother. Both Isabella and Jack were utterly changed-so what danger could there be if they met again? But as they soon discovered, there are painful wounds that never heal-and burning passions that refuse to die....

Wendy Says: The actress heroine, rake hero, and reunited lovers theme has me very intrigued! Give it to me straight Balogh fangirls: is this one worth hunting down?

A Man Of His Word by Eve Gaddy (Harlequin SuperRomance #990)


Mystery Bones Near Caddo Lake Identified
Authorities Close to Arrest

Some might say the prodigal son has returned to Uncertain, Texas, but not the prodigal himself. Will McClain is nobody's son. As a kid he was on his own until the day Frannie Granger took him in. For a while he was part of a family. Then Frannie disappeared.

Nearly 20 years later, her remains are discovered by an archaeologist named Tessa Lang. And Will, now a Texas Ranger, makes a vow to find Frannie's killer. He's a man of his word, so nothing -- not even losing the chance to start a new family with Tessa, or the fact that his foster brother Jed is the prime suspect -- will stop him.

Wendy Says: I've never read Gaddy, but I have two other books by her in the TBR. This appears to be the final book in a multi-author trilogy centered around the disappearance of Frannie Granger. The other books are The Millionaire Horseman by K.N. Casper and Who Is Emerald Monday? by Roz Denny Fox. Anyone read this series? Curious HSR readers want to know. OK, this curious HSR reader wants to know....

Just One Kiss by Samantha James


Cheated out of her inheritance by a willful stepmother, Lady Elizabeth Stanton follows Nathaniel O'Connor to America -- eager to accept the dashing shipbuilder's proposal of marriage. But it is a stranger who greets the penniless miss at her intended's door -- the true owner of the grand Boston mansion, Nathaniel's handsome, secretive and insufferable older brother, Morgan...

The cruel treachery of a disloyal sibling left Morgan angry and bitter -- but he takes in the cad's forsaken fiancee nonetheless. And when one stolen kiss threatens scandal, he offers to wed the proud, golden-haired beauty himself. But Elizabeth is devoted to a rogue. And Morgan must first conquer his own pain and suspicion to know a passion that can thaw a frozen heart...and a love that can heal all wounds...

Wendy Says: I've only read one previous book by James and was rather underwhelmed. It wasn't terrible, just....underwhelming. So much so, that I can't remember the title of the book (I do know it was part of her Perfect trilogy). What with the evil stepmother and feuding brothers, this description doesn't do a whole lot for me - but I seem to recall one of the So. Cal. Bloggers enjoys James' work. Lori? Maybe? Heh, and you can tell this was published in the mid-1990s. No way in heck would Avon publish a book set in Boston these days, even if the characters are from Across The Pond.

Just sayin'.


Lori said...

Yup - it was me. And I like her older stuff much better than the newer stuff. But I haven't read that one!

I'm laughing at your list, cause if you could see what I have to order through ILL... definitely not oldies. I had to order the last Karen Rose through ILL. I've had to order several of the In Death books through ILL. And it goes on and on...

Phyl said...

Christmas Belle is not one of my favorites. But still, an older, classic Balogh is worth reading if you're a fan of her books.

JamiSings said...

You know what I have an ILL request on? The novelization of Labyrinth.

What is it about evil step-moms anyway? I know they were classics in fairy tales but you'd think someone might come up with something new. Like a good step-mom and an evil SOB of a father.

nath said...

These books actually all sound pretty good :D People at your libraries are lucky! :D

Anonymous said...

Love early Balogh and really enjoyed Christmas Belle - found at my local library, naturally. It's emotionally wrenching, and a "working" historical heroine is always a plus.


Wendy said...

Lori: The Balogh and James were coming in from other libraries for our patrons - the Gaddy is actually owned by us and was "coming home" after being loaned out somewhere.

Phyl: I want to say someone mentioned the Balogh book recently (either on a blog or on Twitter) and darn if I can remember who now.

Jami: Evil SOB fathers do exist in romance - but usually it's the hero's daddy who is dastardly. Romance heroines always seem to have kindly old fathers who indulge their every whim - LOL.

Nath: I thought it was an interesting mix this time around.

Sarah: Yeah, it was the "working" heroine that snagged me as well. As far as traditional Regencies go - I'm pretty sure Carla Kelly has also written some "working" heroines.

Anonymous said...

Janet W: Definitely read A Christmas Belle (especially if you have read The First Snowdrop) but it will never be one of my top top faves. The ending is a little too pat for me and all the (or almost all)sexual tension is in the past. Not my fave way of handling that. But it is from the Balogh Prime Times days so definitely read it!

Kaetrin said...

I've enjoyed all of the early Balogh's that I've read. I've paid some exhorbitant prices for them on eBay too, so if you can get your hands on one - I say, go forth and read!

Wendy said...

Janet: That's it! I think someone on some blog (somewhere?) recently read The First Snowdrop and Christmas Belle came up in the discussion? Maybe? Possibly? Cripes, it's hell getting old.

Kaetrin: I have one or two of her trads lying around here somewhere. None of the REALLY hard to find ones - or else I would have read them by now and put them up for sale on eBay ;-)