Thursday, May 27, 2010

On The Road And Batmobile News

I have a short (teeny) wee lil' column up over at Access Romance Readers Gab about (what else?) beach reading. Or vacation reads. Whatever. Just in time for the "unofficial" start of summer - Memorial Day weekend. Why not stop on over and tell the world what sorts of books you like to read while you're lounging on the beach, or by the pool?

Speaking of Memorial Day weekend, today was Day #1 of the Staycation My Man and I decided to treat ourselves too. It's a Staycation mostly because we couldn't agree on "going away somewhere." Plus, it's honestly better for us to just veg out and soak up some relaxation time. Wonder how much reading I'll get done? If today's any indication? Yeah, probably not so much.

In other exciting news, that strange noise I heard coming from the Batmobile rear brakes? Yeah, turned out to be nothing. Thank the good Lord above. And the best part was my mechanic did the inspection at absolutely no charge. That might have something to do with the sheer amount of dollars we've dropped on the place over the years though. Just a hunch anyway. Either way, I'll take it.


SarahT said...

Glad to hear the Batmobile doesn't need work done on it. Car repairs can be painfully expensive.

Enjoy your staycation!

nath said...

So, how's the long week-end? :) and lucky on the car inspection!

Wendy said...

Sarah: The Batmobile is now paid for (shhhh, I whispered that!), which helps.

Nath: We had a nice long weekend - although it seemed to fly by!