Monday, June 20, 2016

Prepping for July's #TBRChallenge

A few years ago I added a RITA-theme to the TBR Challenge. This year, in a bid to keep the challenge themes "broad" I morphed that theme into Award Nominee or Winner.  However, since this is still seen as a Romance-Centric reading challenge, here are some links to past RITA finalists and winners to help you go dumpster diving through your TBR.

All past RITA winners can be found on the RWA web site.

Finalists are trickier.  How I wish RWA had a database!  Alas, no.  Thanks to bloggers I got back to 2007.  Older than that?  It's thin on the ground and I didn't feel like dumpster diving through the depths of Google.  Here they are:

2016 Finalists
2015 Finalists
2014 Finalists
2013 Finalists
2012 Finalists
2011 Finalists
2010 Finalists
2009 Finalists
2008 Finalists
2007 Finalists

I'm thinking, surely, that should be enough to go on?  Even if you have some restraint and unlike me your TBR pile cannot be seen from space?  Lots to choose from.  Happy hunting! 


Bona Caballero said...

Thank you very much for this reminder. For older editions, you can always check the romance wiki for 'RITA', there are lists with finalists and winnersfrom 1990. But it does not always give the list of the finalists, sometimes only the winners. But I though it might be helpful.

Wendy said...

Thanks Bona!

It's finding the finalists that are always tricky. I'd love for RWA to have a complete online resource listing finalists and winners dating back through the history of the award.....

And I still need to decide what I'm going to read. I have several options, it's just a matter of unearthing them from the TBR pile.