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Friday, February 16, 2024

Reminder: #TBRChallenge Day is February 21!

TBR Challenge 2024

Hey, so is it just me or does 2024 feel like it's been 6 months long already? Y'all I'm tired and Not. Reading. So here's hoping that the #TBRChallenge on Wednesday, February 21 will kick my butt into gear. This month's (always) optional theme is Furry Friends.

Another suggestion from the annual theme poll, this one is all about animals and/or pets who worm their way into our hearts as our couple are falling in love.  Not gonna lie, I had to leverage looking at some GoodReads lists to see what I could dig out of my dormant print TBR.

That being said, remember that the themes are completely optional. The goal of the challenge has been, and always will be, to read something (anything!) that's been languishing in your mountain range of unread books. 

It is certainly not too late to join the Challenge (to be honest it's never too late).  You can get more details and get links to the current list of participants on the #TBRChallenge 2024 Information Page


azteclady said...

I've been mostly living in a fog since I was so sick; I have no idea what's in the TBR that will work, but here's to finding something and getting it read and reviewed on time, for us both.

Wendy said...

AL: I'm not one to impulsively pick up romances with cute doggies on the cover, so I had to resort to a Goodreads list to help pick this month's read - and oh happy day! The positively tore through my pick in a few hours. It felt good to READ and be engrossed in a book again.

I hope you're feeling better 😘

Jen Twimom said...

Az: I hope you are feeling a wee bit better after the weekend.

I am excited for my pick as it's been on my TBR for a while, involves dogs AND is a romantic suspense, which I don't read often and fits my BINGO romance reading challenge. Woot.