Saturday, October 2, 2021

#TBRChallenge 2022: The Poll Is Open!

Sometime during the past two weeks (while I haven't been putting up new blog posts) the calendar suddenly turned to October.  OCTOBER! Something that happened in between my forever state of exhaustion and a reading slump that has been rather unfortunate.  October means we've only got two months left of 2021 (what?!) and it also means we only have two months left in the 2021 #TBRChallenge.

What (very) little creativity I may have once had fled the scene in 2020, and last year I decided to create a poll to help come up with some fresh theme ideas for the Challenge.  And you know what?  While the returns were small, they were mighty!  I got a lot of great suggestions!  In fact, 11 out of the 12 themes for the 2021 Challenge came from this poll.  So, naturally, I'm opening the poll again for theme suggestions for the 2022 Challenge.

Sign-ups for the 2022 #TBRChallenge will come soon-ish, but for now the poll is open!  


azteclady said...

I suck at this, but I did it anyway.

eurohackie said...

I've been MIA the last couple of months because Life, but am hopeful of getting back on the wagon this month - I have gothics, that's for sure!

I actually really like this year's themes and would be happy enough if they were replayed (maybe in a different order?) but I filled out the survey nonetheless.

Wendy said...

AL: Thank you! Even if the challenge is something you can't keep up with I always appreciate theme ideas.

Eurohackie: We had some really great themes this year, which is why I decided to do a poll again. 11 of the 12 themes this year were all new and came from the poll.

azteclady said...

I really want to participate in the challenge--heavens know I have enough TBR books to last several lifetimes!--but first I have to break the reading slump from hell (six years. six ::expletive deleted:: years of reading very sporadically. it's killing me by inches)