Thursday, June 10, 2021

Reminder: #TBRChallenge Day is June 16

Hey, hey - it's that time again! Time for the monthly #TBRChallenge!  Whether you are participating or just following along, #TBRChallenge Day is Wednesday, June 16. This month's (always optional) theme is Book with One Word Title.

This is a new theme for the Challenge, suggested by someone when I ran a poll late last year.  I thought this one might be difficult for me personally, but who knew I had so many one-word title books in my TBR?!

But remember, the themes are always optional.  Unlike me, if you don't have any one-word title books in your TBR - hey, no problem!  The goal of this challenge is always to pull something, any book!, out of your neglected TBR pile.

To learn more about the challenge and links to the participants blogs, check out the 2021 TBR Challenge Information Page.

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