Friday, May 14, 2021

Reminder: #TBRChallenge Day is May 19!

Hey, hey - it's that time again! Time for the monthly #TBRChallenge!  Whether you are participating or just following along, #TBRChallenge Day is Wednesday, May 19.  This month's (always optional) theme is Fairy Tale / Folk Tale.

Fairy Tale and Folk Tale tropes / retellings are a favorite for a lot of romance readers, so hopefully this month's theme will make a lot of you happy.  

But remember, the themes are always optional.  If you've read every single Beauty and the Beast trope in your TBR, if you're just not in the mood for Cinderella - hey, no problem!  The goal of this challenge is always to pull something, any book!, out of your neglected TBR pile.

To learn more about the challenge and links to the participants blogs, check out the 2021 TBR Challenge Information Page.


Kristie (J) said...

I wasn’t sure if I could find the right book for this months challenge and might have to buy one - which would kind of miss the whole point of the challenge but fear not!! I found the perfect book and it’s been in my TBR pile so long I even forgot I had it. So I’m pumped this month. Specially after my April fail. The book I planned to read was alas, a DNF.

Wendy said...

LOL! Yeah, don't buy books for the challenge. Now if you end up buying books because OF other readers' challenge reviews? Well, that's OK - LOL.