Friday, October 16, 2020

#TBRChallenge Reminder + Looking for 2021 Theme Ideas!

A reminder that #TBRChallenge day is Wednesday, October 21.  This month's (always optional) theme is Danger.

One of the more "open to interpretation" themes.  Danger could mean anything from serial killers to heroes afraid of commitment to the heroine who doesn't want to repeat her mother's mistakes.  Just run with it!

However, if you're suffering from Pandemic Brain (aren't we all?) and this is too much to ponder during The Longest Year Ever, that's OK!  Remember, the themes are always optional.  The goal is to read something out of your TBR pile 😁

Also, if you haven't looked at the calendar lately - it's somehow October.  I know.  Which means it's time to look ahead to the 2021 TBR Challenge!  I'm looking for theme suggestions and if you're so inclined to volunteer some - I've got a handy Google Form you can fill out.  You can provide up to 5 suggestions and I promise on my Librarian Secret Decoder Ring that I am not harvesting email addresses.  It's not how I roll y'all.

More information about the 2021 TBR Challenge coming soon (uh, probably early December? Let's go with that....)

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