Friday, September 11, 2020

Reminder: #TBRChallenge Day is September 16!

A reminder that #TBRChallenge day is Wednesday, September 16.  This month's (always optional) theme is Dress for Success.

A completely new theme for this month's challenge that I suspect participants are like, "Really Wendy?!"  Interpret this one how you will - but I'm thinking glitz, glamour, costume balls, historicals with pretty dresses, gazillionaire tycoons wearing suits, blue collar heroes in work clothes - just run with it folks!

However, if you're suffering from Pandemic Brain (aren't we all?) and this is too much to ponder during The Longest Year Ever, that's OK!  Remember, the themes are always optional.  The goal is to read something out of your TBR pile 😁

You can learn more about the Challenge and see the list of participating folks on the Information Page.

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