Thursday, October 10, 2019

Reminder: #TBRChallenge Day is October 16!

I know this blog has been a dead zone of late - which I'm going to blame on Real Life, not really reading all that much, and work sucking out my brains.  Which is a great lead in....

Hey, hey, hey!  For those participating in the 2019 #TBRChallenge, a reminder that your commentary is "due"on Wednesday, October 16.  This month's theme is Paranormal or Romantic Suspense.

Our traditional Wendy-Has-No-Imagination Halloween month theme.  A neat trick for me since I'm not a huge paranormal reader and I'm in a BIG slump with romantic suspense at the moment.  Will Wendy stay on theme? I'm thinking it may be a category length romantic suspense to the rescue, but we'll see.  If you're in the same boat I am and not feeling the theme this month - no problem!  Remember that the monthly themes are always optional.

If you're participating on social media, please remember to use the #TBRChallenge hashtag so people can follow along.

You can learn about the challenge and check out the full list of blogging participants on the information page.

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