Thursday, November 30, 2017

#DeckTheHarlequin All December Long!

This is all Willaful's fault.  She casually announced on Twitter that she was getting trounced by a friend of hers in their Harlequin GoodReads group and put out the call for folks to join in on a Harlequin reading binge the month of December.

That, naturally, perked up my ears.

Next thing you know Willaful has convinced Elisabeth from Cooking Up Romance to organize the whole thing and we have an official hashtag #DeckTheHarlequin (for all your social media needs).  But even if you're not entrenched in social media - there's still plenty of opportunity to join in on the fun.

Elisabeth has created this entry form.  You can submit one for every Harlequin title you read and at the end we'll be drawing names at random for a series of fabulous prizes!

Check out Elisabeth's blog post for a list of prizes and further details.

The rules are simple.  Any Harlequin, from any line - it all totally counts.  And yes, this includes Mills & Boon, Carina, HQN, Mira, all the category lines, old titles, new titles - really, the possibilities are endless.

Lord knows I have enough to choose from between the Print TBR Pile of Doom and the dumpster fire that is my Kindle.  I hope you'll consider in joining in the fun!


Jill said...

Man, I'm tempted but ye olde TBR is soo high.

Julia Justiss said...

What a fun idea! (And I'll match my TBR Pile of Doom against yours! Though I have gotten a bit better about not crashing my Kindle.)

Wendy said...

Jill: I'm off to a slow start. I'm determined to get through one, if not two, books this weekend. Assuming I can stay off the computer.

Julia: I can't take credit for the fabulous idea, but I was more than ready to jump on the bandwagon!