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Thursday, June 1, 2017

#ShallowReaderBingo May 2017

It's time, once again, for ShallowReader Bingo!  I had the best reading month I've had in a long while (5 books!), but dagnabit this was a hard bingo card!  In order to make Bingo I had to get pretty darn creative.

The Bingo Row:

Touch vs. Sight: I Know a Secret by Tess Gerritsen. I'm well aware this suspense novel doesn't come out until August.  However I scored an early copy thanks to NetGalley, and since it's my favorite suspense series at the moment, I couldn't be expected to wait to read it.  The story opens with homicide cop, Jane Rizzoli, entering a new crime scene.  The victim had her eyeballs removed postmortem and the killer left said eyeballs in the victim's open palm.

A Walk in the Park: The Forever Summer by Jamie Brenner.  Most of the story takes place in Provincetown, Massachusetts and the characters seem to walk everywhere.

Abstinence: The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince by Mayte Garcia.  Garcia met Prince when she was 16 years old.  They didn't enter into a romantic (or sexual) relationship until she was over 18 and even then, she was still a virgin.

Oooh! That Would Be Grand!: Blood Oath by Melissa Lenhardt.  This historical fiction series is set in the post-Civil War American West, making it grand in scope and epic all the way around.

Bloom: The Forever Summer by Jamie Brenner.  A new romance blooms for one of the characters over the course of the story.

Other Squares:

Epic Wardrobe Disaster, May, Do the Shake: The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince by Mayte Garcia.  A May/December romance, Garcia is a belly dancer, and while on tour with Prince she performed in one of her handmade belly dancing costumes that requires special hand cleaning.  Needless to say it was ripe by the end of the tour.

Deja Vu: The Forever Summer by Jamie Brenner.  A long married couple on the brink of divorce finds their way back to each other.

Love Triangle: I Know A Secret by Tess Gerritsen.  Jane Rizzoli's mother was left by her husband when he had an affair.  She moved on with another man.  But when her husband came crawling back, she took him back.  She's now regretting that decision.

Close But Not Cigar, Lashings: Blood Oath by Melissa Lenhardt.  Every time the characters think they're safe, the rug gets pulled out from under them.  Lashing because the series has been pretty violent.

Suck It!: The Gangster's Kiss by Ginger Ring.  My TBR Challenge read for the month and not very good.

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