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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Month That Was March 2014

Me: Wow.

Lemon Drop: I picked it out myself! 

Me: You don't say? 

Lemon Drop: Look how well I match Auntie Wendy!  ALL FLOWERS!

Me: How can I argue with that logic?  And the Elton John sunglasses are a nice touch.

Lemon Drop: Always have a statement accessory.

Me: Yeah, definitely what the outfit was missing. How about we talk about what I read last month - is that all right with you Edith Head?

Title links take you to full reviews.

Secrets at Court by Blythe Gifford - Historical romance, Harlequin Historical, 2014, Grade = B+
  • A lovely medieval. The author immersed me in the time period without info-dumping and I found the characters really intriguing people. 
Don't Look For Me by Loren D. Estleman - Suspense, Forge, 2014, Grade = B-
  • Twenty-third book in long-running series finds PI hero searching for money man's missing wife.  What he finds instead are mobsters, drugs, and a cute young thang who is up to her eyeballs in trouble.  Great writing, great world-building, but found aspects of the ending a little slap-dash.
For His Eyes Only by Liz Fielding - Contemporary romance, Harlequin Kiss, 2014, Grade = C
  • Liked the artist hero, and the story does "get better" as it goes along - but heroine made bad first impression and never quite recovered for me.
Natural Law by Joey W. Hill - Erotic BDSM romantic suspense, Ellora's Cave, 2004, Grade = B-
  •  Cop hero who is a sub falls for Domme heroine while hunting down a serial killer.  Other than sub aspect, hero is stereotypical Straining His Leash Alpha Cop - which.....ho-hum.  Also, found the suspense elements lacking and frankly a little tacked on.  Would have much rather enjoyed this as pure romance without added serial killer stuff.
His Hometown Girl by Karen Rock - Contemporary romance, Harlequin Heartwarming, 2014, Grade = B
  •  Heroine returns to small town she left behind at behest of her employer, a corporate farming conglomerate and spars with hero, the boy she left behind now running his family's farm.  Interesting conflict, great emotional angst, and I'll admit - a few tears leaked out.
Telling Tales by Charlotte Stein - Erotic romance, Sourcebooks, 2014, Grade = B
  • Four college friends reunite when their former professor bequeaths them his house. House party meets menage.  What I loved here is that while there's lots of Sexy Times, Stein never loses sight of the primary romance.  Also, great touches of humor throughout - a trademark of Stein's.
Every Part of You: Taunts Me by Megan Hart - Erotic romance serial novella, St. Martin's, 2014, Grade = B
  • Third installment in five part serial.  Hero stops denying himself and proposes to heroine that they start dating.  Naturally complications ensue.
Every Part of You: Denies Me by Megan Hart - Erotic romance serial novella, St. Martin's, 2014, Grade = B+
  • Fourth installment in five part serial and my personal favorite.  Heroine makes the fatal mistake of falling in love with hero - who naturally ends up breaking her heart.  Oh the angst!  The delicious glorious angst!  I wanted to wallow in it.
The Returning Solider by Soraya Lane - Contemporary romance, Harlequin Romance, 2014, Grade = C
  • The dreaded OK read.  Never felt a lot of chemistry between hero and heroine.  Also found the looming ghost of the heroine's dead husband (the hero's BFF) problematic for buying into the happy ending.  Not awful, but Lane has written better - says me.
Lemon Drop:  Edith Head?

Me:  Never mind.  Your Auntie Wendy is speaking in old fart tongues again......

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