Monday, June 13, 2011

Jerkfaces And Summer Reading

My last column ever has gone up over at Access Romance Readers Gab.  Today I'm talking about "guilty pleasures" and tropes that you know you shouldn't like, but do anyway.  Go on over and take a gander!


In other Wendy's Writing Somewhere Else Besides This Blog news, I contributed to an article that made its appearance in the local newspaper this morning.  It's all about summer reading for grown-ups, and several area librarians and booksellers were asked to give recommendations.  The selections were to fall under "upcoming release," "classics," and "guilty pleasures."  All the suggestions were compiled into a slide-show, which can be found here

Even though I'm attributed at the bottom of the paragraph blurb, for easy reference, I recommended the upcoming Tess Gerritsen (squee!), John Steinbeck and Michelle Moran.  No, no romance I'm afraid.  The deadline on this was incredibly short, and I hadn't really read a single title romance that seemed to "fit."  Plus, I'll be honest (see my latest Access Romance column!) putting the "guilty pleasure" label on all romances tends to stick in my craw in a very unpleasant way.

I also think I deserve bonus points for having a California connection for all my recommendations.  Gerritsen was raised here, Moran currently lives in the state, and Steinbeck?  Well, duh.


JamiSings said...

Ahem - no Dean Koontz? I mean, he does set the majority of his books here. (I think one was in New York, a few in New Orleans, and a couple in Colorado.)

Wendy said...

Jami: Sadly, they limited us to 3 recommendations, and while California connections weren't required...I thought it would be fun.

One of the booksellers did recommend a Koontz though! The new Frankenstein book that slipped under my radar and I forgot to order. Geez. I'm surprised nobody is calling for my head yet. As soon as the new fiscal cycle starts that's Title #1 I'm ordering.

Hilcia said...

I've been so out it lately, I missed the news about The Gab shutting down. So sorry to hear that Wendy... even if I don't always comment, I do enjoy those posts.

AND, jeez... I must go back and read some Tess Gerritsen again. I love her books.

Wendy said...

Hilcia: Gerritsen is one of the very few authors I buy in hard cover. I'll be back from NYC by that time, and will likely use my lunch break at work to run out and buy it :)