Sunday, July 11, 2010

Random Romance Sunday: Barbie And Ken Trapped In Wind Tunnel

The Book: Colby Velocity by Debra Webb

The Particulars: Harlequin Intrigue #1222, August 2010

The Blurb:
Former Equalizer Leland "Rocky" Rockford did not have a problem working with Colby Agent Kendra Todd. As far as he was concerned, partnering with her was one of the benefits of their agencies' merger. Something about her calm and composed air made him want to ruffle her feathers—until they were assigned to a murder case.

Fully in professional mode, Rocky was willing to do whatever necessary to support Kendra—and keep her safe. But as the case started cracking, so did the walls around her guarded heart. Now, with questions and the bodies piling up, they must outmaneuver the shadowy element that not only wants them to fail, but wants them dead….
Is It In Wendy's TBR?: No, and I'm unlikely to add it for the sole reason that holy mother, is this a mammoth series! Assuming Webb's web site it current? Yeah, this is Book #40 featuring "The Colby Agency." Seriously, authors? My advice is to find a series idea that will "hit" with one of the HQ lines. Talk about job security!

Any Reviews?: Not that I could find, but then even though this book is currently on sale via eHarlequin - it's technically an August release.

Anything Else?: I personally feel that Harlequin has made wonderful strides with their cover art the last couple of years in particular. That said, WTFBBQ covers still do happen on occasion, and for reasons I'm not quite sure of, they tend to happen more frequently in the Intrigue line. Maybe it's merely my perception - or maybe it's just really hard to convey "danger, excitement and romance" all on the same cover.

Anyway, I was going to crack a bunch of "Rocky" related jokes here ("Yo, Adrian!") but man, that cover. I keep waiting to see if the heroine's skin will peel off her face. And the way she's looking up towards the sky? It's like there's a UFO off-cover that's sending down a tractor-beam to suck her brains out of her skull. In comparison, the hero has this totally vacant, dumbfounded look on his face that makes me question his IQ. Snap to it buddy! You have a gun strapped to your chest, and there's your poor hapless honey getting her brains sucked out by an alien tractor beam.

Heh, although who knows? Maybe he's a hero who wants his heroine rendered completely brain-dead. Hard to tell without reading the book to find out....


Nikki said...

It's horrible to say, but the covers are what keep me from even picking them up at Wal-Mart. I know I'm missing some really good books, but I just can't make myself do it.

Nikki said...

And I missed your Birthday!! We were out of town and the internet mostly sucked. I'm so sorry. Happy Belated Birthday!

JamiSings said...

No no no - If his last name is Rockford then you don't do Rocky jokes, you do The Rockford Files jokes!

Hilcia said...

OMG! That's so funny... the aliens... that's the first thing I thought of when I saw them looking up with that entranced look on their faces . ET's coming to get them! Or... "Please, please... Scotty! Beam us up, NOW!"

Happy belated Birthday!

Anonymous said...

I think they photoshopped this cover & added the faces from who knows where. She looks like she's having a religious experience.

And what's with the wind? It must be gale force winds to whip her hair around like that.

But, hey, I heard a rumor that Harlequin is dropping the sheik, count, prince, bride, mistress, virgin titles. Lord let it be true cause they are so LAME.

Wendy said...

Nikki: Welcome home!

Jami: But it's easier to make fun of Stallone than James Garner :)

Hilicia: I'm really worried about that heroine. By the time the hero gets around to pulling his gun, it will probably be too late for her brain to be saved.

Anon: OMG - that could be it! Maybe the hero and heroine are members of some wacko cult!

nath said...

You know, she looks familiar... a bit like an actress, the one that played the little sister in Buffy... hmmm.

LOL, it looks like they're trying to stay on an airboard (the kind like Back to the Future or in the In Death series :P)

by the way, book #40? Woahhh.