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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Random Romance Sunday: Colonial Chick In Pants

The Book: Swampfire by Patricia Potter

The Particulars: Harlequin Historical #6 (!), 1988, Out of Print

The Blurb:
A dangerous game

Defying her Tory father, Samantha Chatham donned a boyish masquerade and joined the notorious raiders tormenting the British in the Carolina swamps. Caught in the trap of her own deception, Samantha struggled with her longing for her ruggedly handsome partisan commander Connor O'Neill -- the one man who must never learn her true identity.

When Connor uncovered the beautiful woman beneath Samantha's shapeless garments, a passion ignited -- one neither of them could control. But his thirst for revenge threatened to destroy their precious bond... for Connor O'Neill had unknowingly fallen in love with his sworn enemy.
Is It In Wendy's TBR?: Nope, it's not. Further proof I don't own every Harlequin Historical ever published.

Any Reviews?: Looks like Mira reprinted this back in 1995, and you can find three Amazon customer reviews (two 5-stars, one 4-stars) there. Other than that? Not really. Although according to my mad Internet skillz, Potter won a Georgia Romance Writers' Maggie Award and an RT Reviewer's Choice Award for this, her debut book.

Anything Else?: Swampfire is a treasure trove of polarizing romance novel tropes. Hero bent on revenge? Check. Chick In Pants With Daddy Issues? Check. But, it's also a colonial, which is a time period that has a loyal (and hungry) following in Romancelandia. Here's the thing I've noticed about that setting: readers either really love it or they're totally indifferent to it. I'm firmly in the Indifferent Camp, admittedly because it's a time period in American history that doesn't really "cook" for me like early frontier (French and Indian War), post-Civil War, and late Victorian/early Edwardian.

The other thing that struck me about this book? The author quote from Elizabeth Kary on the front cover. Who the heck is Elizabeth Kary?!, I pondered. Turns out it's none other than Elizabeth Grayson who is well represented in my TBR Mountain Range. I have officially learned my one new thing for the day.

Ahem, anywho....

Potter has had a pretty amazing writing career with a variety of sub genres under her belt. For those of you who lurve her westerns, be sure to look for her first historical Harlequin Blaze title, The Lawman in September.


Kristie (J) said...

I'm in the love it camp and tada!! I have this one AND I've read it. It's OK. I have quite a few of her early Harlequin Historicals but there is only one that really stands out. Of course I can't remember the name and goodness knows where it is now that my 'library' is gone. I don't think she really hit her stride until she started writing single titles.
And speaking of Patricia Potter you fellow Western lover you, have you read many of her Westerns? Cause she is one of the best in this genre IMO.

Kwana said...

This sounds like I would love it though roll my eyes as I always do as girls in disguise.

Anna said...

I just wanted to drop a note mentioning how much reading your Random Romance reviews makes my whole day better. :)

Lynn Spencer said...

I'm not sure I'd say I LOVED this one, but I did like it. I remember buying this one with my babysitting money back when I was in middle school. And yes, some of those early HH books may have been read on the sly. I forget how I first learned about HH, but I've been reading them since they first started coming out. I don't have to worry about getting grounded for being caught with them now, though. :-b

Wendy said...

Kristie: I blame my indifference on colonials on the fact that every history teacher I had growing up crammed the era down my throat. We'd spend MONTHS on the Revoutionary War, with the rest of American history getting the shaft. Most years I was lucky to make it to Prohibition.

Sigh, and no, I haven't read her westerns! BUT, I did pick up one or two because of our Great Western Drive.

Kwana: I know exactly one reader who openly admits to digging the Chick In Pants storyline. I can enjoy it, but a requirement is the author has to avoid the hero who thinks he's "caught" the gay-ness because he's lusting after a boy ::eye roll::

Anna: You're most welcome!

Lynn: Saving up babysitting money to buy HH titles. To think I could have been doing that instead of spending my babysitting money on...well, whatever I spent it on. Who knows now?

azteclady said...

And my antennae just went up...

I have read a few (perhaps four?) of Ms Potter's books and so far I've liked them all. However, what with one thing and another, I have never actively looked for her work--so thank you for the heads up for The Lawman

nath said...

I've read Potter's RS, but I've been staying away from her historical stuff. Maybe I should give it a try now.

This one, I'd be interested in though. Love the chick in pants ;)

Wendy said...

AL: I've really enjoyed several of the historical Blazes. I mean, they aren't "deep" (not with that word count!) but they've been quick, fun and sexy reads.

Nath: I know you're not big on westerns, but do you like Scottish historicals? Potter wrote a few of those that I rather liked. Pretty sure KristieJ has read and liked a few of them as well. I still have to try her rom/sus. Have a couple in the TBR....