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Monday, February 1, 2010

Truer Than The Red, White And Blue

I know. It seems like I've been doing a ridiculous amount of promo on the blog lately. Well, brace yourselves. I've got more!

February 1 finds Harlequin unveiling three more Blogger eBook Bundles. The gals over at We Write Romance bring forth some of their Top Picks (with titles from the Intrigue, Presents, American and now-defunct Bombshell lines), while Smart Bitch Sarah gives us a rockin' socks bundle featuring titles from Blaze, Desire and Presents.

Once again, I'm up to bat with another (yes, another) bundle of Harlequin Historical titles.

This go-around my desire was to cram down your throats suggest titles that illustrate how wonderful historical romances not set in England can really be. No really, they can be. Trust me on this one.

Prairie Wife by Cheryl St. John may be my favorite title by her to date. It's a marriage in trouble story set in the west, about a once happily married couple who drifts apart when their toddler son dies in an accident. It's gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, and damn near sucks all the oxygen out of the room - but man, it packs a wallop!

Married By Midnight by Judith Stacy is an amusing story that will lighten just about any foul mood. It's also set in late 19th century Los Angeles, a setting that is criminally under-utilized. Heroine is a bridesmaid for the third time in a month and is ready to scream. Her latest wedding obligation finds her meeting up with the hero again, several years after he broke her heart. He's ready to settle to down, but doesn't want to deal with all the wedding goo-ga - so he and his buddy enter into a wager to see who can get married within the next month. He meets the heroine again, is immediately smitten with her, completely disregards the wager, they marry and whamo! Yeah, she finds out about it. Not happy. Not happy at all.

The Bride Fair by Cheryl Reavis won the RITA award in 2003 for Best Short Historical, and it's a fantastic story. Set in North Carolina, post-Civil War, the Army Colonel hero, and former POW, is commanding the local occupying troops. Needless to say, nobody is happy to have them there, especially the heroine, whose home has been commandeered to house the commanding officer (uh yeah, the hero). The war has taken everything from her, her father is very ill, and she's carrying a small mountain of burdens. Thrown into this mix is the hero, who begins to show her through his actions that he is a good man, with his own burdens to carry.

This bundle is currently on sale all over the darn place. A few places where it's available:

eHarlequin, retailing for $12.60

Books On Board, retailing for $9.98

Sony Store, retailing for $12.60

Amazon Kindle Store, retailing for $9.99

Barnes & Noble Nook Store, retailing for $9.99

But...I'm not seeing it on Fictionwise yet. Hopefully soon.

ETA: As Phyl indicated in the comments - it's up on Fictionwise now! Yippee! $14.00, with big savings if you use their micropay program.

I really loved all of these stories, and hope you'll like them too. Also, this is the first time any of them has been available (legally anyway) in a digital format. Yeah, for more formats! Yippee!


Colleen M. said...

A friend of mine recommended your blog to me a few months ago - the primary reason for her recomendation was that you were a fierce lover of the historical western romance - you bet your bottom dollar wow historicals not set in England can be wonderful!!! As an aspiring historical western author I love seeing people promoting their love for this genre as much as I do - So thank you, Wendy!!!

Colleen M

Phyl said...

It's up at Fictionwise now. Off to order!

Wendy said...

Colleen: You are most welcome!

Phyl: Thanks! I've edited the post to add that information.

SonomaLass said...

Snagged your bundle from BoB. Yay for non-English (or Scottish) historicals!!