Wednesday, July 20, 2016

#TBRChallenge 2016: The One Where Wendy Is a Big Fat Failure

For the first time since taking over hosting duties for the TBR Challenge in 2011, I have failed to meet my own deadline.  There are reasons.  Most of them involving my work life right now (busy, busy, busy!) and the RWA conference. 

So no TBR Challenge review from Wendy this month.  Part of me feels like a total failure and the other part of me is like, "Geez, Wendy - it's the first time you missed your own deadline in 5 years.  Lighten up."


Phyl said...

Well I'd celebrate the fact that you made it through 5 years and didn't miss the deadline! Because I'm missing it again this month and due to upcoming travel I'm not confident about August either. You still make me look like a slouch :)

azteclady said...

You are entirely too hard on yourself, Miz Wendy.

:sending good thoughts:

Here's hoping work lightens up soon, and that whatever you pick up to read next, blows your socks off.

(No, I'm not an optimist, but hey, wishes are free, right?)

Erin Burns said...

Didn't you recently have to chastise ME about the public shaming post?

I think you can safely give yourself a nice pass.

Dorine said...

You give me something to aspire to, Wendy. I missed last month and I'm barely gonna make this month. One time in 5 years? You're amazing!

S. said...

Wendy, don't feel bad.
I'm missing this month's post day too, sadly. Well, I'll post something but will be one day later; I just can't finish the book on time to write about it today.
Real Life happens, mine has been busy as well, less reading hours and not enough time to meet deadlines!

Cynthia Sax said...

Life happens.
We can read one of the gazillion books on our To Be Read pile while we wait.
No biggy.
(big hugs)

Lynn Balabanos said...

Only once in five years?! That's awesome. I only signed up for the challenge this year and I've already missed one month. Not to mention, this month mine was late and I didn't follow the theme. You're doing great! :)

Wendy said...

Awww, you all are so nice to me :)

I'm mostly beating myself up because I'm the hostess. It's also the reason I tend to stick to the themes even though I tell you all they're not required.

I need to find my reading mojo in time for next month since the theme is one of my personal favorites - Kickin' It Old School. It's a chance to dig something suitably "classic" out of the TBR.