Monday, March 21, 2016

The 4th Annual Tigers Meet Harlequin Extravaganza!

Yes, it's that time of year again.  A most wondrous, magical time of year.  When spring has sprung, baseball fans everywhere have hope, and Wendy once again decides "Hey, I haven't been sued yet - let's throw caution to the wind!"  It's time, once again, for Wendy to take players from her beloved Detroit Tigers baseball roster, make up a whole bunch of nonsense, and mold them into perfect Harlequin romance hero material.  Besides, we all need something to read before the regular season kicks off on April 3.  I'm doing a community service here!

What's on tap for this year?  Besides my fervent prayer that my team doesn't finish in the basement of the division again (sigh) - I've two new Tigers Meet Harlequin All-Stars, a returning All-Star with a brand new story and a hunky surprise in store.

All new stories will launch tomorrow, but in the meantime here's your chance to catch up with the stories featured the past three years:

2015 Tigers Meet Harlequin Roster:
J.D Martinez, outfield - Someone to Come Home to
Ian Kinsler, second base - The Texan's Redemption
Yoenis Cespedes, outfield (NY Mets) - The Woman He Couldn't Forget
David Price, starting pitcher (Boston Red Sox) - Reunited with the Pitcher's Sweetheart

2014 Tigers Meet Harlequin Roster:
Rick Porcello, starting pitcher (Boston Red Sox) - Angling Towards Danger
Alex Avila, catcher (Chicago White Sox) - Collision at Home
Jose Iglesias, shortstop - The Shortstop's Secret Baby
Max Scherzer, starting pitcher (Washington Nationals) - His Brother's Keeper

2013 Tigers Meet Harlequin Roster:
Victor Martinez, designated hitter - The Single Dad's Homerun
Austin Jackson, outfield (Chicago White Sox) - Action Jackson
Phil Coke, relief pitcher (Atlanta Braves) - Good Time Phil
Prince Field, first base (Texas Rangers) - Daddy Doesn't Love Me
Justin Verlander, starting pitcher - Bring the Heat
Miguel Cabrera, third base (now first base) - The Venezuelan's Sexy Bodyguard

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Barb in Maryland said...

Yay!(waving arms like Kermit the Frog)
I'm glad you are continuing the tradition. I'm looking forward to reading this year's stories.