Friday, June 19, 2015

Prepping For July's #TBRChallenge

A few years ago one of the regular TBR Challengers (I want to say it was Phyl), suggested I add a Romance Writers of America RITA theme - the RITA being to RWA what the Edgars are to the Mystery Writers of America.  It's their Big Fancy Award.  Since July is RWA conference month, it's where I've been housing this theme for the past couple of years.

I normally like to keep the themes pretty open-ended, so participants have some wiggle room.  But as much as I love this theme, it takes some planning ahead.  Most of us can't go to our TBRs, randomly pick up a book, and just so happen to grab a past RITA winner or nominee.  So for the sake of planning ahead, here are some lists to help guide you on your TBR Challenge Quest for July.

All past RITA winners can be found on the RWA web site.

Nominees are trickier.  How I wish RWA had a database!  Alas, no.  Thanks to bloggers I got back to 2007.  Older than that?  It's thin on the ground and I didn't feel like dumpster diving through the depths of Google.  So eight years worth of nominees is gonna have to do folks.  Here they are:

2015 Nominees
2014 Nominees
2013 Nominees
2012 Nominees
2011 Nominees
2010 Nominees
2009 Nominees
2008 Nominees
2007 Nominees

I'm thinking, surely, that would be enough to go on?  Even if you have some restraint and unlike me your TBR pile cannot be seen from space?  Lots to choose from.  Happy hunting! 


Lori said...

You can see my TBR from space and I still had to look hard for a nominee in it, which surprised me. When it comes to the Ritas it seems that I either read them pretty quickly or they're not my thing so I don't pick them up at all. I did find one that I can't believe is still sitting on the pile, so I'm all set for the challenge, but I think that book might literally be the only one I have.

Phyl said...

Thanks for those links. I did find 3 or 4 titles I can choose from. I think what interests me is how my tastes just don't align with the RITA judges :) I'm exactly like Lori, I either read them right away or don't even pick them up.

Bona Caballero said...

Thank you for your lists. I'm going to look at them in order to find reading material.
The RITA topic was not difficult to me and as a matter of fact I've already read the book I chose and written the review. I usually write my reviews in advance. Sometimes months before they're published.
As a matter of fact, I've already thought about the rest of the year and have several candidates.
The main problem is November ('It's All About The -a book or author that got everybody talking') as I tend not to have novelties in my TBR pile.

Keira Soleore said...

I'm seriously in awe. You, my friend, went and located all the nominees for so many years. Hats off to you. (I may still be an off-themer. :)

Kristie (J) said...

The trouble I have with RITA book challenges is that for the most part *gulp* they don't appeal to me. Though I do have Carolyn Crane's book on my IPad so I can try and get that one read. I've already read Concealed in Death and wouldn't call it a Top Winner myself. I read the Nancy Herkness book and it was 'm'eh. And I've tried a couple of times to get into Nancy Warren's book but can't seem to quite grasp it.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for these lists! I was able to find two possible reads for the month that I didn't know were nominated for RITAs.

Wendy said...

I haven't even looked at the nominees yet because I've got several possibilities in my TBR that were past winners. Historicals mostly. Especially English-set historicals, which I horded for several years and didn't read much of because of burn-out. Although, shock of shocks, I also have at least two westerns in my TBR that were past winners (one by Jodi Thomas and one by Susan Kay Law). Now I just need to decide.....

Jill Patterson said...

Yes! I found not only a nominee, but an actual winner in one of my TBR piles. Just add it to my list of books to read in the next few weeks.

Wendy said...

Jill: I need to pour over the past winners list and see if any of the ones from my TBR call out to me - if not, then I'll move on to nominees. I need to get moving on that! Time is running out for me to pick something and get it read!