Friday, July 26, 2013

The Month That Was June 2012

Lemon Drop:  Owwww!  Auntie Wendy you're hurting me!

Me: Don't look down.  Don't let go.  Why the hell did I think walking the Golden Gate Bridge was a good idea?

Lemon Drop: Too much wine at dinner last night?

Me: That's probably it.

Lemon Drop:  Why don't I distract you Auntie Wendy?  Tell me about the books you read last month!

Me: Good idea.  ::looks down:: Oh God, why did I do that?

The Beauty Within by Marguerite Kaye - Historical romance, Harlequin Historical, 2013, Grade = B

  • Spinster heroine too smart for her own good falls for an Italian artist commissioned to paint a portrait of her rambunctious half-brothers.  Interesting characters, with a well-done "beauty in the eye of the beholder" theme.  If you're looking for more historicals featuring non-titled characters?  Yeah, this one.

An Invitation To Sin by Sarah Morgan - Contemporary romance, Harlequin Presents, 2013, Grade = B+

  • Second book in a continuity series (but it stands alone well - promise!) featuring a bad girl heroine who falls for a bad boy hero.  Think Lindsey Lohan (but not nearly as screwed up) falling for a hot-shot Italian fashion designer and you'll get the gist.

Beta Read by An Online Bud - Steampunk romance, Grade = C

  • Was asked to read this book not so much for the steampunk stuff, but just to take a good look at the characterizations.  Good bones here, good story idea.  Did think there could have been some more polish in certain areas, and sent back notes.  As it stood though?  The author has already found "average."  More work and this could easily see publication and be a solid B read - says me.

Freefall by Jill Sorenson - Romantic suspense, HQN, 2013, Grade = B-

  • Good action and adventure, and I loved the tortured main romantic couple.  Was less enthralled with the secondary romance, which just - ugh, annoyed me.  Probably would have been a C grade normally, but damn, I'm loving this series/world so much that it tipped me back to B territory.

Patrick Gallagher's Widow by Cheryl Reavis - Contemporary romance, Silhouette Special Edition, 1990, Grade = B+

  • A RITA winner from 1991, and my TBR Challenge read for June.  Loved the main romantic couple, loved how Reavis didn't make the heroine a "token widow," and thought the suspense aspects of the book were well handled.  Only quibble?  Some of the secondary characters bordered on caricature.
Lemon Drop:  This bridge is pretty awesome.  To think it was built in the 1930s!  And it's been standing all this time.  Technology not being what it is today....

Me: Oh God, I think I'm going to be sick....

Lemon Drop:  There, there Auntie Wendy.  Let's get you home.  Mild mannered librarians just aren't cut out for this dare-devil stuff.  Geez, what would you do if you really were Batgirl?

Me: Never leave the ground floor of the Gotham Public Library.


nath said...

LOL. Well at least, you couldn't see down exactly under your feet, Wendy :) That's good :) And thanks the builder, because the Golden Gate Bridge still looks quite solid. We had a bridge in Montreal that will need replacing and it hasn't even last 50 years.

Woohoo, Lemon Drop is growing! :P So cute! Really like the long hair on her.

You had a pretty good month of June, Wendy :) Need to check out Sarah Morgan :P

Debora Hosey said...

Wendy, my palms are sweating and my heart is racing just looking at that photo of you and Lemon Drop on the bridge!!!!!! Really, driving over it (as a passenger of course) would be bad enough...but WALK it?! Egads, woman! :) I'd need to up my anxiety meds big-time! :)

Ah, Lemon Drops soooo cute and sweet!!

Keishon said...

Love these posts. OT: I have a fear of heights. I remember my first driving experience having to drive over the bridge of the Mississippi river. I got out of the driver's seat and let my father drive. As an adult, I've drove over it many times but still. Sounds like you had a great month, Wendy. I'm stuck in a reading funk. Nothing is working for me right now. Will need to go to my A list and pick one to read and hope that works.

little alys said...

Lol, looks like you and Lemon Drop had a lot of fun, even if it was a trek over the Golden State Bridge. I thought we all went over it at RWA that one year? Or did I black out? Lol.

I liked the Sarah Morgan story and now I want the Marguerite Kaye's one too. Lol. Always love your reviews. :)

Wendy said...

Nath & Debora: I probably would have handled walking the bridge OK if I weren't walking at "toddler speed." Then there was the stopping to "enjoy the view" and then dodging all the pedestrian traffic! Lots of walkers and bikers on the bridge. Egads!

Keishon: I'm a better passenger than driver when it comes to bridges. We have some overpasses here in SoCal that literally make my palms sweat!

Alys: Well, you may have - but alas, this recent trip was the first time I had walked the bridge (and driven over it!).

The Marguerite Kaye is part of a series - but it stands alone VERY well. The first two books were sheikh stories - and this one stays in England :)