Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Terry Donovan, Love Machine

So, yeah.  I'm slightly addicted to the new Showtime offering, Ray Donovan.  I love me some Liev Schreiber, and Jon Voight is SO good on this show people.  I mean, really really really good.  Plus the show is basically a sleazy prime-time soap opera.  Set in Los Angeles.  Where Ray has to "fix" various problems for his various high-profile clients.  What is not to love here?  I mean, there are endless possibilities for shenanigans!

Head on over to Heroes & Heartbreakers to read my latest post, all about the sly little romance the writers have included in the show.  Frances made me, not very happy last week.  But Terry?  Oh Terry, how I love you.


Sheri said...

Isn't that the actress who was kidnapped by Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs? I used to LOVE American Girl by Tom Petty until that movie killed it for me. Sigh....

Lil' Sis

Wendy said...

Yes! That is "poor Catherine." And you can still like American Girl - because, you know, "poor Catherine" lives and the lambs stop screaming :)