Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Off To Atlanta!

Today is the day I'm taking off to Atlanta, Georgia for the annual Romance Writers of America conference.  Just like every year for the past (mumble, mumble) I'm going to shoot to blog (and tweet) while I'm there.  Since I have a tendency to blog at 2AM during conference week (sleep, who needs sleep?), I can't promise how pretty, coherent, or frankly interesting my posts will be.

Although, hello?  Are you new around here?  My posts are rarely any of the above even when I am working on a good eight hours of shut-eye.

Anywho, posts will probably be pithy, picture-filled, and full of even more atrocious spelling and grammatical errors than usual (wowzers, this could get ugly).

Remember kids - Wednesday is not only TBR Challenge Day, but also Librarians Day.  I'll be speaking at that event with the lovely Jennifer Lohmann on romance-related library programming.  If you're planning on attending that particular event, please pull me aside to say howdy.

Thursday night will be the annual Blogger Bar Bash - so if you've got nothing better to do, why not come on down to the hotel bar and get your drink on with me, hopefully KristieJ (my fantabulous roommate again this year) and whomever else decides to show up.  This is a pretty loosey-goosey affair, so plan to mix, mingle and crash other gatherings going on in the bar that night.

Safe travels to all of you heading to Atlanta.  See y'all on the east coast!


AnimeJune said...

*sigh* Wish I was going.

I'll be there in spirit!

azteclady said...

Please do grab KristieJ and give her the mother of all hugs from me--and give one yourself, while you are at it.

How I wish I could go this year!

Wendy said...

AJ: We'll have a drink in your honor! I wish you were here so we could go on Ranty McRants about not-so-good reads :)

AL: Kristie HAS BLOGGED! Just in case you haven't checked over there :)

nath said...

Have fun!!