Tuesday, July 2, 2013

RWA 2013 Blogger Bar Bash!

RWA 2013 in Atlanta is now a mere two weeks away, which means it's time for Wendy to really start putting her dance card together.  I got an e-mail yesterday inquiring if there was going to be a Blogger Bar Bash this year, and oh hey - what the hell?  Yes, yes there will be!

The Smart Bitches are hosting a wing-ding Wednesday evening after the Literacy Signing, so to avoid creating conflict - the Blogger Bar Bash will be Thursday, June 18 at 7PM in the conference hotel bar (Atlanta Marriott Marquis).  And it will last.....for as long as it lasts. 

For those of you unfamiliar, the Blogger Bar Bash is so named because I'm a librarian and I like alliteration.  Everyone, absolutely everyone, is welcome to stop and by, have a drink, say hello, and chat about books.  This is not a blogger-exclusive affair.  Navy SEALs, secret babies, cowboys, amnesiac billionaires and even Fabio are all welcome.

So if your dance card isn't already booked solid for Thursday evening, I hope you'll swing on by - even if it's just for a quick hello.  See you all in Atlanta!

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Liza Brown said...

I'm not getting into town until around 10 on Thursday night. Hope y'all are still at the bar.