Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Baseball, State of Health, Hunky Librarians, and Mojo

I have lots of little stuff floating around in my wee lil' Super Librarian brain at the moment, and none of it is really suited for me to drag out into a full-length blog post.  You know what that means, right?  We're going to kick it round-up style!  And away we go.....


I'm finding that watching my Tigers in the post-season is a nerve-wracking experience, and probably isn't doing too much for my current state of health.  Last night's beat-down by the Yankees would have had me running towards the closest bottle, except I suspect drinking alcohol right now would not aid my cause of "feeling better" and I would have spent the next 24 hours in the fetal position.  Cooler heads prevailed.  Game 5 is on Thursday, which means if you're sick of hearing me talk about baseball - well it could all be over soon.  At least until Spring Training at any rate.


For those following my various whinings about "not feeling good" - I went to the doctor this week and had some blood work drawn.  If that comes back normal, then I find myself dealing with a "stress" and "food" related issue.  Which means Wendy needs to behave herself.  And in my experience, behaving ones self is highly overrated.  The good news is that my doctor did give me a prescription for something that should help (I took said drug in college - which was the last time my symptoms were of this nature), and then I did the mature, responsible thing that any self-aware, confident 30-something woman should always do.

I called my Mommy. 

And wouldn't you know it?  Mom made me feel better. 


One thing you hardly ever see on this blog is the blatant objectifying of men.  Well, unless they're cowboys.  Then all bets are off.  And even then I tend to go with men wearing clothes - what with this being a safe to sneak a peak at work or in front of your kidlets blog.  One thing that's hardly ever done?  I mean, like ever

The blatant objectifying of male librarians. Why should actors, models, athletes and cowboys have all the fun?

Answering the call, 12 male librarians have posed for the Men Of The Stacks 2012 calender!  There's even some nekkidity, with strategically covered naughty bits, of course!  So girls, let your inner geek flag fly (If you're a male librarian and take offense to that - suck it up cupcake.  All librarians are geeks.  Own it.  Revel in it.). 

All proceeds from the calender are going to the It Gets Better Project

Oh, and laughing man is Mr. February.  I picked him because 1) he has his clothes on and 2) I love guys with a sense of humor.


In blog related news - Amazon and California have called a truce (at least for the time being) and I am once again an Amazon Associate.  I link accordingly to items on Amazon not only on this blog, but also on my Upcoming Historicals wiki.  See the Bat Cave Disclaimer page for more than you probably ever wanted to know about the inner workings of this blog and my other dealings in Cyber-Romancelandia.


Finally, I have lost my reading mojo.  I seem to have misplaced it somewhere.  Should you run across it, I appreciate it if you would return it.  I'm still considering if I'll offer a reward.....


little alys said...

I hope you'll feel much better soon.

In my case, calling Mommy means a nagging. Then again, she's usually a few feet away, so that might be way. :)

*waves geek flag* :D Hehehehehehehe... male librarians... hehehehe.

If you find your reading mojo, let me know where. Mine might be hiding there with you.

*hugs* I do hope you feel better soon. Miss you lots, Super Librarian!

MaryK said...

Ha! If I find your reading mojo, I'm keepin' it cuz mine is missing, too. :( Somewhere there is much reading mojo just lazing around.

Tracy S said...

I'm with you in the pain of baseball playoffs! The Brewers were ahead in the series against Arizona 2-0. Got their butts handed to them last night and so far it's 7-3 in the 3rd freakin' inning! UGH!! Looks like we'll have a game five. I can't take the stress! :)

Jeff Rivera said...

Thank you for the info.

Kelly Anne said...

On the subject of libraries, I thought you might enjoy this:


Hilcia said...

Ohhh, the pain!

Congratulations today, Wenday! Hope you're doing a jig and celebrated last night. :)

Amber (aka BBB) said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling well :( It is probably stress.

That librarian calendar is a hoot!

I'm finally crawling out of my reading slump hole. It ate all of September for the most part.

As for the Amazon thing, I'm still a little pissy about it. I got the email, but am now unsure if I should sign up again or not. It's not as if it was a ton of money to begin with...clearly Amazon wouldn't have cut a deal unless they took a big hit in traffic with the loss of the affiliates in CA, though.

Anonymous said...

Wendy - could your readin mojo be found in shome short stories (i.e. Ilona Andrews Silver Shark) or the many Christmas Short Stories that become my favorite to re-read as the season approaches?

Regards, Ruth (CO)

Anonymous said...

Oops - It's Friday and I am dropping "g". It is reading mojo.

Wendy said...

OMG! Maybe all our reading mojo ran off together and eloped in Vegas? Which might be OK, if they get down to business and start creating a lot of cute baby reading mojos....

Tracy: If the first four games almost killed you, I hope you're still alive and kickin' after Game 5's extra innings!

Kelly: LOL! That is AWESOME!

Hilcia: My heart started beating again, I started breathing, and then I went to be :)

Amber: You know what makes Amazon truly evil? How easy they make everything - including their affiliate program. Signing up again was really easy. I think it was just a matter of clicking a button and viola!

Ruth: I need to do that. I have an HH anthology awaiting my attention. Westerns :) Yum!

Wendy said...

Went to "be?" Uh, went to bed. Sleep. Beautiful, beautiful sleep.

nath said...

Maybe once you feel better, the reading mojo will be back. hopefully. Calling mommy was a good idea ;)

Kate said...

I hope you're feeling better! Seriously, I call mommy too. There's nothing that can replace that.

Leslie said...

Being sick stinks! Hope the doc can figure out what's wrong with you, or at least what's causing you to feel icky. :)

That's my kind of calendar!