Monday, May 9, 2011

The Month That Was April 2011

Lemon Drop: Well...look who has come crawling back.

Me: Yes, dear.  Auntie Wendy is done pouting and she's back now.

Lemon Drop::sniff:: It's about time.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to get work in this town?  And Mommy was downright unreasonable when I suggested that I needed to find another venue.  My adoring public cannot be expected to go without me while you're off on some "hiatus."  But Mommy was adamant.  Some nonsense about being busy.  Ha!

Me: My niece, the diva.  Do you think you could dial it back for a few moments while I talk about what I read last month?

Lemon Drop:  Maybe.  Just so long as you promise me you'll pull it together Auntie Wendy.  Mommy is always telling me that nobody likes a fussy girl. 

Me: Getting scolded by a one-year-old.  This might be a new low for me.  Anywho....I only read three books last month.  I thought for half a second that I must have missed adding something to my spreadsheet, but turns out - I didn't.  Three measly books.  Geez Wendy, get a grip.

Title links will take you to full reviews:

Collision Course by Zoe Archer, SciFi Romance, eBook, Carina Press, 2011, Grade = B-
  • Heroine on wrong side of the law is enlisted to help military outfit recover hijacked spaceship and rescue the pilot, presumably taken hostage.  Going with her on this mission is their best pilot, the hunky hero.  Nice space opera action, and plenty of sexy sizzle.  If you're looking for a quick, sexy read with a scifi backdrop - this one is worth a look.
The Goodbye Quilt by Susan Wiggs, Women's Fiction, Mira, 2011, Grade = B-
  • Mother who is having a hard time "letting go" is driving cross-country with her teenage daughter, dropping her off for her freshman year of college.  I'm nowhere near the target demographic for a story like this, but the author packs in enough "truth" here that I think women who can relate will relate in a big, big way.
Montana Wife by Jillian Hart, Historical western romance, Harlequin Historical, 2004, Grade = B
  • After her husband's death, and with wolves circling her front porch, heroine enters into marriage of convenience with handsome, hard-working hero.  Lots o' angst, and a nice attention to historical detail.  I had a few quibbles regarding the villain and one of the heroine's sons, but other than that, a good solid read that I yanked out of Ye Olde TBR Mountain Range.
Lemon DropThree books?!  You only read three books Auntie Wendy?  Heck, Memaw read four books while she was visiting you, all within a 48 hour period.  No wonder you have a TBR that can be seen from space.

Me: I know. I would say I'm going to do better in May, but so far the outlook is not so good.  In fact, I should be reading right now instead of typing up this blog post.

Lemon Drop: Now, now - let's not be too hasty. adoring public.

Me: Oh well, how could I forget?  It's a shame you're lacking in the self-confidence department kiddo.


*Goddess* said...

Great job reigning her in, Lemon Drop! Make her stay focused:)

Giynlith said...

At least everything you read, you liked!

PK the Bookeemonster said...

I enjoyed Collision, too. Currently reading Prophecy by SJ Parris, historical mystery set in Elizabethan times.

nath said...

Awww, Wendy! She is so adorable!!

It's not the quantity that counts, but quality. Three books, but all in the B range. I say it was a good month :)

Leslie said...

Lemon Drop tells it like it is, doesn't she? LOL

She gets away with because she's so darn cute! I'll bet she has one of those laughs that makes everyone around her laugh. There's nothing like hearing a baby's laugh to put you in a good mood. :)

Here's hoping May picks up for you.

Wendy said...

You all think so positively :) You're all right of course - at least the three books I read were all ones I "enjoyed." It would be worse (and more depressing!) if these 3 Bs were 3 Ds!

Leslie: My sister swears that Lemon Drop knows the word "cute" now. Complete strangers coo over her and talk about how "cute" she is and she smiles away, soaking up all the attention.