Sunday, December 19, 2010

Random Romance Sunday: An Old Friend's Secret Past

The Book: A Shiver of Rain by Kay Bartlett

The Particulars: Silhouette Intimate Moments #254, 1988, Out of Print

The Blurb: 

Rachel Brewer thought she'd stumbled into the pages of a spy novel, and she wasn't thrilled. Especially since the "bad guy" was her late husband, Jack, and the FBI agent was the intractable but sexy Luke Warren.

Luke insisted that Jack had stolen millions in gold--and he suspected she knew about it! Worse, he was determined to stay at her Northwest resort until he found the cache. She was unsettled by the prospect--in more ways than one.

Soon gunfire and arson made the situation all too perilously real. Yet the passion that set Luke's and Rachel's blood afire could become the most dangerous situation of all....
Is It In Wendy's TBR?:  No, but I'm now thinking about adding it.

Any Reviews?:  1988, so no.  Nothing over at Amazon either.  Sorry folks!

Anything Else?:  I was supposed to go to Disneyland on Friday with Lil' Sis and Lemon Drop, but winter in So. Cal. means rain.  And yeah, it was raining hard enough on Friday that Disney was just not a good idea. Bummer.  But it got me thinking, why not pick a book with "rain" in the title for this week's RRS post?  This was one of the first ones I hit on, I liked the title, I liked the cover blurb, and went into research mode.  And that's when I hit the mother lode.

Kay Bartlett only wrote two books, both SIMs, both in the late 1980s.  I thought, "How sad, this author only wrote two books and then vanished."  So I hit Google and that's when my searching turned up something interesting.  Turns out, Kay Bartlett is a pseudonym for none other than Janice Kay Johnson!  During the 1980s, Johnson wrote several books - some as JKJ and Bartlett, but also as Kay Kirby (if my research is correct, the Kirby books were co-written with her mother).  She eventually settled in as Janice Kay Johnson, and found her groove in the early 1990s with Harlequin SuperRomance, which is where she can still be found these days.

So how cool is that?  I set out to find just "any ol' book with rain in the title" and stumble across a pseudonym for an author who is one of my current autobuys.  Happenstance I tells ya.


Sabrina @ about happy books said...

Authors with different pen names always manage to confuse me.

I love the cover, it's so wonderfully cheesy and the clothes of the characters are so 80s.

Mayberry Mom said...

I love Janice Kay Johnson! I did not know she wrote under different names.

It's amazing the info out there on the internet!!

Wendy said...

Sabrina: I can usually keep track - but when it's more than 2 names? Yeah, I'm hopeless.

Mayberry Mom: I know! It was a surprise to me as well. This back cover blurb intrigues. I need to see if I can scare up a copy.....

nath said...

That's the great thing about internet. You can find so much information... I really have to wonder though why authors change pseudonyms. I can understand not wanting to use their real name... but it's confusing when they have more than one or two ^_^;

Hmmmm, you didn't mention that you love the cover LOL.

Wendy said...

Nath: I do like the cover. It's nice they're appropriately dressed for the weather. No shirtless hero standing in a snow bank! LOL