Monday, April 5, 2010

Play Ball!

Yes kiddies, it's that time once again. The sun is shining, the daffodils are in bloom, and hope springs eternal for baseball fans around the world. Yes indeedy, today is Opening Day. The one day a year that Wendy actually allows herself to hope that maybe this year will be different. Maybe this is the year the Detroit Tigers won't leave me alone in the dark, quietly sobbing into my pillow, while My Man scurries around the Bat Cave kitchen hiding all our cutlery.

Last year was rough. What with our late season Epic Collapse From Hell and losing the tie-breaker to the Twins.

Then just to drive the knife a little further into my back, the Tigers decided to trade my fantasy boyfriend, Curtis Granderson to....

The Yankees.

My father called me at work when that news broke. Seriously. That's how bad it was.

However, having watched a few spring training games, and this being the first official day of a brand spankin' new season, I allow myself a few moments to hope. Just a few moments, on Opening Day, to wax poetic and spin glorious fantasies that our bull pen really won't be that horrible, our starting pitchers will all be the second coming of Cy Young, Miguel Cabrera will stay sober, Johnny Damon's noodle-arm in the outfield won't cost us games, and Austin Jackson will hit like Derek Jeter - and play like Torii Hunter in center field (My Man: "Way to not put any pressure on the kid Wendy." ::snort::)

Because today is Opening Day. The one day a year where I allow myself to believe that anything is possible, and all of it will be good.

Today is the day where I firmly believe the Tigers will run away with the division, crush the Yankees in the Playoffs, make it all the way to the World Series, and run the table for a sweep. This is the day where it's possible. This is the day where I allow myself to think it could actually happen. This is the day where I open my front door while brandishing a shotgun, greet reality standing on my porch, and tell her to take a hike, because what she's selling, I ain't buying.

I'll get back to the Real World tomorrow. Today is my day to dream.

Play ball!


Phyl said...

Best day of the year! Go Phils!

bafriva said...

Substitute Baltimore Orioles for Detroit Tigers, change a few of the player names and I could have written most of that. Today I can believe that this year we will break our 12 year streak of pathetic losing seasons. Go O's.
And now to go re-read Thomas Boswell's Why Time Begins on Opening Day.
Barb in MD

Lil Sis said...

Your blog reminds me of Susan Sarandon's opening speech in the beginning of Bull Durham. :)

Liza said...

Good luck to your Tigers, Wendy.

Wendy said...

Phyl: I know it's like shooting fish in a barrel, but looks like your Phils creamed the Nationals today.

Bafriva: I feel your pain on the 12-years of losing seasons. When the Tigers finally broke their streak of losing seasons I popped open a bottle of champagne!

Lil' Sis: Heh - it wasn't intentional. Dad suggested I post the James Earl Jones speech from Field Of Dreams. I thought about posting my Top 5 baseball movies of all time (Bull Durham is #1 btw) - but instead opted to post on the depths to which my delusion sinks.

Liza: The "experts" don't think they'll do much this year - which has me hopeful. My team seems to play better when nobody gives them a shot in Hell.

Karen J. said...

OMG-- Bull Durham IS the best baseball movie EVAH!!!!

Now, I will confess to being a Yankees fan from childhood. I know, I know-- evil empire and all that but my dad brought me up as a Yankees fan and I remain one to this day. I worked for the AA minor league club selling ice cream as my summer job in college. It was the best summer job possible-- I watched the game when it wasn't busy.

Janet W. said...

HOOYAH! GO A's!!!!

Phyl said...

Oh, yes, bafriva's right. Today would be a good day to re-visit Boswell. Terrific book.

And very nice comeback for your Tigers, Wendy! So nice to start the season with wins!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! You and the Yankees.

Hope you had a good holiday.

P.S. Yankees ROCK!!

Anonymous said...
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Mayberry Mom said...

whoo! I love baseball season! The last time my team made it to the World Series was 1982, so I feel your pain!!

Go Brewers!!

Wendy said...

Karen & Barbara: Sigh. The Yankee fans. They have invaded. LOL

Janet: I've been on this one e-mail loop forever with this woman who is a beleaguered A's fan. Every year we seem to cry in our virtual beers together :)

Phyl: We took 2 out of 3 from the Royals and won our home opener today (thanks to UGLY Indians defense). But hey, I'll take it.

Mayberry Mom: Go Brew Crew! Love me some Bob Uecker :)