Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We're Ready For Our Close-Up Mr. DeMille

Remember way back in July when I was at the RWA conference in Washington D.C.? Well while I was there I taped a video interview for Romantic Times with author Carrie Lofty. I just got word yesterday that our three-part interview is now online - just in time to promote Carrie's most excellent new book, Scoundrel's Kiss.

A couple things of note:
  • That's it. Nothing but carrot sticks for me.
  • I don't normally play with my hair that much. It was a gorgeous day, we filmed outside, but there was a breeze. Hence the hair playing.
  • We had no script we were working off from. None. Nada. No notes, no nothing. This is a completely off the cuff, fly by the seat of our pants interview. And I think it turned out pretty damn good. Says me.
Below I'm posting all three videos, each running about 5 minutes a piece. I know. If you wanna watch them - great. If you'd rather poke your eyes out with a dull spoon - you don't have to watch. We can still be friends. Honest. Here it goes:

Video 1: Carrie and I discuss her debut novel, What A Scoundrel Wants

Video 2:Carrie and I discuss her latest release, Scoundrel's Kiss

Video 3: Carrie and I discuss her unusual historical settings


SarahT said...

As I tweeted yesterday, you and Carrie did a fantastic job.

As for having no script: honestly, I prefer unscripted interviews. They're more natural and from the heart. You can always tell when people have rehearsed in advance.

Any chance of more Super Wendy video interviews in the future?

Kwana said...

What a wonderful interview and yet another book to add to my toppling pile. Yikes! Great job and you look beautiful!

Louisa Edwards said...

I can't believe I haven't already devoured What a Scoundrel Wants! The Robin Hood legend is one of my favorites, and Will Scarlett always intrigued me. This interview reminded me to buy both your books, and now I can't wait to read them!

Mandi said...

I really, really enjoyed these interviews! Thank you so much for sharing.

Carrie Lofty said...

I hate the hair thing too. My looks all flattened by the wind. I need to go with more mousse next time ;)

You'll always be my interview first time!

azteclady said...

I love the interview!

And I'm rather peeved because I can't find Scoundrel's Kiss anywhere around me--I'll have to order it online *grumble* (in other words, no instant gratification)

Kay Webb Harrison said...

Dear Wendy & Carrie,

Super interview! It flows so naturally. Wendy, I can't believe that you hadn't made a list of questions ahead of time; the ones you asked were spot on and gave Carrie a chance to cover all the important aspects of her work. Both of you come across as "simpáticas."

Now, I really want to get What a Scoundrel Wants and read it before I read Scoundrel's Kiss. As soon as I read that the latter takes place in SPAIN, I ordered it. My Masters is in Spanish, and the Medieval period is one of my favorites--El Cid, et al.

Thank you so much,

Wendy said...

SarahT: Re: More interviews - if they happen they'd be very few and very far between. If RT were to contact me again about doing one? Sure. If not? That's OK too :)

Kwana: Awwww, see how nice you are! The check is in the mail.

Louisa: You're in for a treat! Hope you enjoy both books!

Mandi: You are most welcome Ms. Smexy :)

Carrie: It was a beautiful day out though, wasn't it? Prettier to "look at" than if they'd stuck us in some boring conference room.

AL: Oh noes! Although I just found out I can earn Amazon gcs thru my credit card rewards program. I foresee a lot of online book ordering in my near future.....

Kay: Don't ask me now why I didn't prepare notes. Normally I do. Especially when I do "panel"-type discussions and presentations for work. I either 1) wasn't thinking or 2) figured since they were taping they could edit. But it also helped that I had read Carrie's first book and liked it qutie a bit. That made it easier ;)

Kati said...

I haven't watched yet, since I'm at work, but Wendy I think I met you the day that you'd done the interviews with Carrie because I remember you being really pumped about the experience.

Can't wait to watch.

Leslie said...

Those were fun interviews to watch, not at all boring. Maybe because they weren't scripted. It was like two friends talking about romance books. You both seemed very comfortable in front of the camera.

And you make both books sounds really interesting without giving anything away. Good job!

Kristie (J) said...

What a GREAT 3 part interview!! You and Carrie were both so natural and it was really interesting listening to the two of you - Carrie talking about where her ideas came from and how her books came about and you with good questions.

*g* And I remember you and your little black dress heading down for the interview - as I was watching I was thinking 'I remember when Wendy went to interview Carrie!!!!!!'.
And!!!! I'm thinking A Scoundrel's Kiss will be a book I'll read until I find Sullivan - yes, he's still missing - as I 'rewarded' myself with Carrie's latest book for having read 6 books.

Wendy said...

Kati: It's honestly all a blur. The only concrete thing I remember from that experience now was that we were late starting because the fire alarm went off at the hotel. Good thing I have the videos to remind me :)

Leslie: RT wanted someone with a release around the first of the year, but ultimatley the "author choice" was mine. I suggested Carrie because I KNEW she'd make a good interview. Her books are so interesting, there's lots of fodder to chat about.

Kristie: You're a reading machine! Which means you're not getting sucked into crappy reality TV programming :) Yes, read Carrie's book. I think you'll love this hero bunches.

CindyS said...

Awesome interview and like someone else said - you are both very comfortable and look great on camera! As much as I was listening to the questions and answers I have to say I was enthralled by the background. What a gorgeous surrounding and the weather looked perfect.

Good news, I finally have a couple of books I can buy with my Christmas gift cards!


Wendy said...

Cindy: It was a beeeoooooitful day. I'm so glad we ended up filming outside. It just makes the videos look "nicer" than if we had been in some boring, drab, interchangable-looking conference room.

~ames~ said...

Hey that's so cool! And you did very well Wendy!