Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Harlequin + Super Librarian = More Awesome!

Remember when I posted about the upcoming Cheryl St. John ebook bundle I proposed to Harlequin? The one coming out in January 2010? I mentioned in that post that I had proposed three different ideas for ebook bundles, hoping one would "stick." Turns out - they liked them all!

Coming in February 2010 is the Love, American Style Harlequin Historical bundle! My goal for this bundle was to showcase the diversity that can be found if readers would just Please For The Love Of My Sanity Read Some American Historicals Already. In this bundle are three books that have previously been unavailable in electronic format.

Prairie Wife by Cheryl St. John - Yes, more St. John. But really, you cannot go wrong with this woman! This is my favorite of her books, an emotionally gut-wrenching, western-set, marriage in trouble story (which I normally don't care for - but holy cow is this a good one!).

The Bride Fair by Cheryl Reavis - Reavis is one of my very favorite Harlequin authors who consistently delivers in her historicals as well as her contemporary-set stories. This one takes place post-Civil War, in the South, and features a Southern heroine with a real dilemma on her hands and the Northern, former POW, commanding officer who has commandeered her family home for the occupying troops.

Married By Midnight by Judith Stacy - This is the story that will lighten up the bundle. Set in late 19th century Los Angeles, the heroine finds herself a bridesmaid for the third time in three months, when she runs up against our hero, a man who broke her heart as a young girl. The hero has entered into a wager with his best friend, and ultimately falls under the heroine's spell - but what happens when the heroine finds out about the wager? Yeah, it doesn't bode well for our hero. Stacy is kind of hit or miss for me, and this one was a major hit. It's charming, it's funny, and it's set in Los Angeles. More historicals need to be set in L.A. Says me.

Also, good news via an e-mail bud of mine - she has discovered both of these bundles at the Kindle Store over at Amazon. Just go to the Kindle Store and search "super librarian" and they'll both pop up, available for pre-order. Amazon is retailing both bundles for $9.99 and if their list price is anything to go by - they'll be around $14.00 at other ebook retail outlets. Woot!

As for that third bundle I proposed? Given the theme of the bundle, Harlequin has told me they're holding it back for a Summer 2010 release. And no, I'm not spilling the beans on that one just yet. You'll have to be patient and wait.


Kwana said...

Love American Style. Fun. Congrats on the collabo.

Victoria Janssen said...

I think I read THE BRIDE FAIR way back when - might have been the reason I got into Reavis.

Go you!

Amy said...

Great news, Wendy! I think I even have some of these in my TBR that overflows.

Lori said...

Congrats again!!

Katie Mack said...

Awesome news!

Renee said...

Wow, that is so cool, Wendy! The books sound great, so I may have to fire-up the old ereader.

I LOVE that there's a historical that takes place in LA. I'll look forward to reading that one especially. (Though, I like the sound of Prairie Wife, too!)

sybil said...

THAT is fabu, makes me feel better about the fact I never turned my in... since our tastes are so alike and the Cheryl one would have been on mine.

Do feel bad I didn't get the Davidson in.

And again these are three of my fave authors *g*

Tara Marie said...

Well, aren't you a big wig ;) Congratulations :)

Leslie said...

How cool they picked all of your bundles!

I'm with Renee - the 19th century Los Angeles setting got my attention. Don't see that very often.

Kristie (J) said...

That is wicked kewl!! I've read The Bride Fair (and loved it), Priarie Wife and while not that particular Judith Stacy but a few others by her. So I know this is another excellent bundle for readers.

Wendy said...

Kwana: Thanks. HQ is working with several bloggers on these bundles - and I'm really looking forward to them all!

Victoria: Reavis is one of the few authors out there where I like BOTH her contemporaries and historicals.

Amy: Of course you do. You're like me and own every romance novel ever published - tee hee.

Lori & Katie: Thank you, thank you.

Renee: I honestly have no earthly clue why there aren't more historicals set in So. Cal. There's a lot of interesting history in this neck of the woods!

Sybil: I will not tell you how many Davidson HHs I have in my TBR. It's really embarrassing.

TM: Ha! Hardly. I know my place in the universe.

Leslie: Judith Stacy is "local" for us So. Cal. Bloggers, which is why I suspect she's written a couple of historicals set in L.A. Not because of us bloggers, but because she lives around here :)

Kristie: I've got a few more by Stacy in the TBR. I've read three of hers so far. They rated loved it, liked it, didn't care for it. LOL She was part of a HH western anthology this summer (June?) but these days she's mostly working on her cozy mystery series that she's writing as Dorothy Howell. She did my library's Literary Event last year and I was able to get my copy of Married By Midnight signed :)

Liviania said...


I think I don't read American historicals because I've never been a big historical fiction reader, but I can get very nitpicky. I tend to like Regency and Highland stuff because usually the romance version has little to do with the real thing or I don't know whether it was well-researched or not. American history, on the other hand, I learned quite well in school. (And I have no clue why, of all things, I don't like historical fiction. I just don't.)

Rosie said...

Well I feel so special to know such a connected chick. Again, the Cheryl St. John is a fave of mine so it's all good. We must discuss Davidson.

Cheryl St.John said...

Wendy you are my BFF!