Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting Offensive With My Man

My Man knows two things about my blogging: 1) That I have one and 2) that he is occasionally "blog fodder." He doesn't read my blog. Case in point, when my parents were out visiting last month my Dad mentioned Little Miss Crabby Pants and My Man looked at me sideways.

But sometimes I like to run "stuff" past him. He's not a book junkie, and if he was he most definitely would not be a romance junkie - so when I want a non-romance, non-bookie perspective on something, he's my go-to guy.

Last night at the Bat Cave.....

Me: I want to show you my blog post for today. ::showing him the book cover for The Madness Of Lord Ian McKenzie:: Do you think this book cover is "offensive?"

My Man: Wendy, I'm the wrong person to be asking this.

Me: You don't read romance....

My Man: Yeah, but I find next to nothing "offensive."

Me: OK, just pretend for half a second that you're not a deviant.

My Man: Offensive is the wrong word. The cover isn't "offensive," it's provocative. But it's a romance novel. The provocative cover is how you know it's a romance.

Me: But not offensive?

My Man: The problem is that a lot of people think provocative is offensive. They're stupid people, but still....

Me: Ahhh, good point.

My Man: And yes, feel free to make this blog fodder.

Oh he's sweet. Like I needed his permission. Ha!


VampFanGirl said...

LOL! I can't believe that someone would find that cover offensive! As I've said before: People suck.

I love the discussion with your hubby too, btw. Sounds like mine.

;) VampFanGirl

Debora said...


Tee-hee! ;)

Hugs, Debora
A Woman of a Certain Age

Barbara said...

Tsk tsk...that's YOUR man...sigh..

Barbara said...

LMAO!! You're man is great! And like I felt yesterday, I can't see how anyone would find that particular cover "offensive".

Maria said...

Your man has a sense of humor. I like a man with a sense of humor.

Kati said...

You know, Wendy, I enjoy Your Man. He's a smart guy.

nath said...

Your Man is a wised man.

azteclady said...

Your Man is a sweetheart, definitely.

And he nailed it with this: "The problem is that a lot of people think provocative is offensive. They're stupid people, but still...."

Too many stupid people in the world, unfortunately.

JamiSings said...

As I've often said, "Stupid people. God's way of showing that evolution is bunk."

Everything is "offensive" in our PC-obsessed society. Did you know that people are already complaining about the new Disney movie The Princess & The Frog claiming it's racist because the princess is black and the prince appears to be white? Nevermind that it looks like the majority of the movie she only knows him with GREEN skin and therefore has no idea what ethnic group he belongs to. Oh no, because Disney dared to make an "interracial" couple they're "racist."

(Okay, granted Walt was a known anti-Semite which is why you'll probably never see the Jewish legend of The Golem turned into a Disney flick.... and no, Pinocchio doesn't count. He didn't protect the Jews of Warsaw from the Blood Lie. Also he's made of wood, not clay.)

Cathy in AK said...

Men are so cute when they think they have a say in the matter : )

But he is right about the stupid people. Sadly, there are a lot of them out there making all kinds of nonsensical noise.

Rosie said...

Of course, Your Man is wise beyond his years... Please feel free to pass that along. =)

I guess I shouldn't be, but I'm flabbergasted when someone makes a negative comment on romance reading. I guess mostly because in my personal experience it's usually by someone who doesn't read at all.

Book covers, all genres, are art and art is subjective. I feel bad for Lynn, because it's uncomfortable and (can be) embarrassing to be singled out and judged.

Tracy said...

He's such a deviant, Wendy - I'm not sure how you stand it.

Good for him for being so wonderful.