Monday, May 18, 2009

Eye Of The Tiger

The Super Librarian parents are boarding a plane and heading back home tomorrow afternoon. Yep, it's time for Wendy to come up for air! I've been able to sorta, kinda keep up with my e-mail, but am massively behind in my blog hopping (and blogging). So to kick start myself back into a semi-normal routine, I'd like to announce that I have won a most prestigious award! Tracy and Kris have honored me with the first ever Official Book Slut award. Isn't it purdy?

How did I win?

Well, first I shamelessly nominated myself. Then I disclosed to Tracy how many books I have in my TBR. This actually isn't a big secret. I have the whole blessed thing cataloged over at Library Thing. Still, I hate to openly admit it publicly because it's a source of much angst and crushing anxiety. Of course I'm among friends here, so I guess I shouldn't be overly embarrassed. Hell, some of you are probably even a little jealous. Sick puppies that you are.

So many thanks to Kris, Tracy, and all the romance junkies I've met and interacted with over the years (in person and online). It takes a village to raise a Book Slut, and I couldn't have done it without all of the help and encouragement you've given to me over the years. ::snort::


Blanche said...

That is an awesome blog award!!! :)


novelthoughts said...

Congrats Wendy!! I got honorary mention....haha.


azteclady said...

Do I detect a shade of sarcasm in that speech?

whatever--glad to help out a fellow book slut!

Kati said...

I still say you're more of a whore than a slut.


azteclady said...

*following link*


*coming to*

And those are all still in your TBR??????

*faints again*

nath said...

Congrats Wendy!! you totally deserve the award :D

Tracy said...

A thoroughly well deserved recipient of the very first Book Slut award. It looks good on you sweetie! :) Now I have to go follow the link even though I KNOW how many are in there! :)

Congrats once again!

Kate Diamond said...

Nice, Kati. Nice.

Although "Book Slut" certainly has a nice ring to it, eh?

Wendy said...

Yes, AztecLady - those are ALL in the TBR. Believe me, the anxiety is so crushing that I wouldn't make it up LOL.

And for anyone crazy enough to follow the link - be very, very careful. I've had several people tell me they've lost hours over at Library Thing just looking at my collection.