Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Be Sure To Have Your Pets Spayed Or Neutered

My Lil' Sis now lives in southern California, so when my parents were out here for their recent vacation/visit they got to see two daughters for the price of one. We divided up their time here between the two of us, but we also did some fun stuff together as a family. Awwwwww. One such fun thing was that we all went to The Price Of Right together!

So what was that experience like? Well first off, it's a massive time suck of a day. We got to the studio at 8AM to get in line for the 1PM taping and they were already full up! So we opted to try to see the 4PM taping, which meant killing time at a local diner for breakfast and getting back to the studio by 12:30PM to stand in a line, show our ID, stand in another line, get our name tag, stand in another line, get interviewed by the producers, stand in another line etc. etc. etc.

4PM finally rolled around and inside the studio we went. OK, I hate to shatter everyone's illusions but The Price Is Right studio is tiny! And rather cheap looking. It looks like this cavernous warehouse on TV and in person it's about the size of a college dorm room. Also we had been standing in one line or another all blessed day. I was wiped out! But they pumped in the music (I'm thinking the production staff are a bunch of alcoholics, because hearing YMCA by the Village People all day would certainly drive me to drink) and got the audience revved up. Everyone got so into it, that despite the dinkiness of the studio you can't here a darn thing the announcer is saying. They hold up cue cards with your name on it if you're selected to "Come On Down!" to contestants row.

I still miss Bob Barker, but Drew Carey did not disappoint. When there was a break in filming, he chatted with audience members, cracked jokes and even handled a militant vegan trying to convert him with a good sense of humor. He's very relaxed with the audience, and wasn't standoff-ish or snobby. Not an easy thing, I'm sure - since they filmed three shows that day! He had to be tired. I was, after standing in line all day, and I didn't have to be "on" for anyone.

Now to answer the burning questions. Nope - none of us got selected as contestants. A major bummer too since the Lil' Sis needs a car and I certainly wouldn't have turned away new living room furniture. Just sayin'. But I think we will make it on camera during the audience shots. My Mom bought us all bright red "Yes There Really Is A Kalamazoo!" T-shirts to wear and we were sitting in front of a big group from the USPS, who were all wearing navy blue. Plus, the Super Librarian Dad is 6'6". Makes him easy to spot in grocery stores, at ball games, and in audience shots on The Price Is Right.

Our show is set to air on June 2. Set your TiVos, DVRs or VCRs. Or heck, you can even watch it online. You just have to wait for June 2.


Kati said...

Sweet! My friend Beth was on TPIR and actually won a dining room set. Of course, Beth is a 5'9" gorgeous blond. So, no surprise there. LOL!

Can't wait for your moment of fame! Woohoo!

Barbara said...

LOL! I know that feeling. I went to Geraldo Rivera years back and the studio was this tiny little thing, and I believe the seats were actually folding chairs, lol.

I used to LOVE The Price is Right! All in all, it sounded like a fun little adventure and a great way to spend some family time! It would have bee awesome if one of you were picked!

I'll keep my eyes peeled for the episode.

Lil Sis said...

Can't wait until they air our episode! Of course I'm still a little bitter about not getting picked. But I will try, try again. :)

Phyl said...

You will remind us, right? Cuz my brain is a sieve.

Kristie (J) said...

LOL - what a bummer non of you got called to "Come On Down" That would have been so cool to see. I'm kind of surprised to hear the studio is so small. It looks pretty big on TV.

Blanche said...

How fun, can't wait to see the show! My sister-in-law got on years ago and actually got on stage but didn't win anything once she got up there!

Wendy said...

Kati: Yeah, not surprising! We spotted a cute, young thang while standing in line and the Lil' Sis said, "Watch, she'll be picked." And she was!

Barbara: Well our seats were at least comfy. But it really was surprising how small the sound stage was.

Lil' Sis: All aboard the Bitter Bus!

Phyl: Yep, you'll get a reminder.

KristieJ: I know! It looks HUGE on TV. I think it's because they have several cameras. Makes the place look like a warehouse.

Blanche: There were some big winners on our show - so that was exciting. Heck, I would have settled for the consolation prizes for not making it out of contestant's row. A kick-ass looking coffee maker and a lighted (no joke) bird bath. How's that for kitschy?

Margaret Moore said...

I have library books due that day! How appropriate! I hope to be watching.

Wendy said...

Margaret: Well doesn't that just work out perfectly! I planned it that way ya know.....heh.