Monday, July 28, 2008

I Wonder If I'll Find My Mojo?

Here's a mind-numbing, rambling blog post for you all to enjoy before I take off for San Francisco and the RWA conference tomorrow. I've been planning this trip longer than most attendees. Try a couple of years. Once I moved to California, and noticed that San Fran was a "future conference site" I had it marked on my calender. Why? Because it means I can drive.

When I was a wee little Super Librarian, I lived in Michigan. The vast majority of my relatives live in Ohio. Which means from about the time I was 6 months old, my parents had me strapped in a car seat for what is, on average, a six hour drive. We made that trip to Ohio at least a couple of times a year. So while some people quake in horror at the thought of a long car drive....Yeah, me not so much. Hell, it will be just like old times.

I don't mind driving alone because it just means I run through my collection of Beatles CDs, but this year will be great because Rosie is hitching a ride with me. So I'm sure both of us will probably lose our voices on the way because we'll be blathering on. I'm heading out to the boonies bright and early to pick her up, which means I hope we avoid all Los Angeles traffic, and we're in San Fran absolutely no later than 5PM.

Today I need to hit the bank, hit the grocery store (so The Boyfriend doesn't starve while I'm gone), and hit the car wash to get my filthy car cleaned. Don't ask me the last time it saw a vacuum, because I don't know. Scary. Then it's home for last minute laundry and packing.

In random news, a friend of mine got her August RWR (Romance Writers Report - RWA's newsletter) and told me that I'm even more famous than she already suspected I was. What now seems like a billion years ago, the fabulous Sherry Thomas "interviewed" me for an article she was writing on how libraries purchase and select materials. Well that article is in the August issue, so for all you RWA members out there, check your mailbox for another dose of Super Librarian! I don't receive a paper copy of the newsletter, so am stuck waiting for them to post it online - which I'm assuming will be done once August actually rolls around.

In between packing and last minute errands, I'm hoping I do some reading today. I am in the mother of all reading slumps. Want to know how many books I've read in July? Two. Yeah, two. I'm hoping RWA will inspire me to stop being so lazy and to actually pick up a book again. Cuz dang, I'm starting to get a little depressed.

As far as blogging goes - I will be blogging from RWA thanks to The Boyfriend. He quit his job recently. No fretting, he has a new job. But this new job means that his shiny laptop he got for the old job is now available for me to steal use. So I'll be blogging, and skimming most of my Google Reader while I'm away. As for Twittering? Yeah, probably not so much. My cell phone is from the Paleozoic era, so texting is out - and I doubt I'll be hauling the lap top around with me.

The next time I'll be blogging I'll be at the conference. Stay tuned for updates and more general Super Librarian blatherings.


ireadwhat said...

Is that just a MI thing? I know it's true for our family, it's not a big deal to drive 4+ hours for a weekend...

Have fun at the conference!

Cheryl St.John said...

Awesome, Wendy! Post pictures!!

Nikki said...

Have a great time.
{Sigh, pout}.

C2 said...

*singsong* Wendy needs a new phone! */singsong* LOL

I grew up in KY and we never thought anything about driving 4-5 hours for a weekend, either. I'm 5-6 hours from the 'rents now and a good bit of visiting goes on.

nath said...

Have fun!!! and drive safely!

limecello said...

:P I grew up in OH and all my relatives are in NYC. My 9 hr drive pwns your measly 6. [Speed limits were lower then.]
And one horrible trip taking the Triborough bridge trying to get to Long Island first turned it into a 12 hr drive. I think we were all ready to cry.

:) I hope you have a fabulous time!