Friday, June 20, 2008

Paradise City

Folks, you really can put a price on heaven. It's called San Diego, California. And it's where I'm going to be this weekend. Like the good little baseball groupie that I am, The Boyfriend and I are hitting Petco Park to watch my sub par, but surging, Tigers take on the sub par San Diego Padres in glorious interleague play Saturday night.

(Yes, baseball purists, I'm one of the unwashed masses that happens to like interleague play. Heathen that I am.)

So The Boyfriend figured - "Hey, why not make a whole weekend of it?" And so we are. Nice hotel, good food, a ball game. What more could a girl possibly want?

This will actually mark the very first vacation The Boyfriend and I have ever taken together. In the 10 years we've been together. Yeah, we don't get out much. And we didn't have "disposable income" for a long time. And we're both homebodies. And lazy. Can't forget lazy....

(And for any blood relations reading this. We love you. We really do. But visiting family is not, nor will it ever be, a "vacation." Just saying)

So expect zero blogging over the weekend. And probably zero reading on my part. Oh, I'm going to take a book with me, but really - I'm just kidding myself.


Nikki said...

I am mildly jealous. Not poke-your-eye-out-with-a-chopstick
jealous, but only because I like you.

azteclady said...

Have the greatest time, both of you!

(I'm in with the homebody and lazy bits meself... you don't wanna know how long since I've left my house for a weekend... :grin:)

Margaret Moore said...

Have fun! The hubster and I are also going on a road trip this weekend. Yeeehaaww!

(Although with the price of gas...youch!)

I, too, am taking reading material and a bit of work. Will I do it? Something tells

Lori said...

Have a fabulous time!!

And, hey, I like interleague play, too! Who wouldn't, with the "freeway series" in my backyard!

nath said...

Have a very nice week-end Wendy and I hope your Tigers win!

CindyS said...

Have a great time! I thought Bob and I were bad for not getting out and about but I have forced him to take me away for a weekend here and there ;)


~ames~ said...

Hope you had fun!!