Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh No She Didn't

She Can't Be This Stupid, Can She? News Item Of The Day:
Doris Lessing said winning the Nobel Prize has been a "bloody disaster" because of the increased media attention, according to the BBC. The author has said she "would probably now be giving up writing novels altogether."

"All I do is give interviews and spend time being photographed," Lessing said, adding she "also recalled that, in the 1960s, she had been informed that the Nobel Academy's judges did not like her and she would never win."
There is so much wrong with this, and on so many levels. First, she's whining (yes, whining) about winning the Nobel Prize. People like this make me want to find a really heavy book (something written by Stephen King or Leon Uris, something that's at least 900 pages long) and aim my throw to land right between their eyes. You're whining about winning the Nobel Prize! I don't care that she's 88 years old, nobody can bitch about winning the Nobel Prize and not sound like a bloody moron.

Ugh, and so people want to interview you and take your picture? Here's a radical thought - say no! No, I'm not giving interviews. No, I'm staying home and writing. No, no, no. Hell, it worked for J.D. Salinger, it can work for you too!



Nikki said...

So why don't we just take it back from her, then? I'll bet there are one or two others who wouldn't bitch or whine about the notoriety.

senetra said...

When I heard she won, my first thought was "Don't you have to be alive to win?"

Why not just set aside one day or week to do photos and interviews and be done with it?

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Waaa f'inf waaa...
cry me a river...
She can hole herself up in her house and not do any media.

Janicu said...

This doesn't bother me, just makes me amused. I think of Doris Lessing as an amusing, cranky old lady. Did you see the youtube video of her finding out she won the Nobel Prize? First words - "Oh Christ".

azteclady said...


I mean, really... wow.

Yes, it was amusing that she was all cranky about winning. But seriously now, someone shut her up.

Cranky old lady, fine. Ungrateful twit, not so much.

Lil Sis said...

It also worked for Harper Lee after all the hoopla about TKAM. :) Granted, she didn't want to steal any of Capote's limelight - now there was a diva. :)