Sunday, November 18, 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside

OK, can I just say it's bloody cold outside?! Living in California has really made me soft. According to The Weather Channel (and would they lie to me?) it's a balmy 36 degrees here in Central New York. Let me tell you how happy I am that I kept most of my cold weather clothes. Sure they sit in my closet for 10 months out of the year, but there they are, at the ready for our holiday travel.

I'm about 100 pages into Lonesome Dove (cue my Older Sister: "Only 100?!") and I'm liking it. Well sort of. The character development has been great, I'm just waiting for something to happen. Happily though, a character has just shown up that I think will soon spark some plot showing up. And I'm totally digging the prostitute. I'll probably read some more tonight after dinner while The Boyfriend is torturing himself watching the Buffalo Bills get killed by the New England Patriots.

Tomorrow it's off to see our friend from college, The Tater. So far so good on the wireless connection. Yippee!

Note to shelf: Next time pack an extra mouse because using the stupid little mouse pad on a lap top is really frickin' annoying.


Rosie said...

Sister 3 left for the east yesterday to go to her in-laws for Thanksgiving too. She's in Alabama. It's nice. It's warm. OTOH, you are experiencing the four seasons up close and personal.

Have fun with Tater.

Kristie (J) said...

Ryan's at that game!!! That's why he couldn't come over and help me assemble the shelves

Wendy said...

We're at the Tater's! Hudson Valley area and man, is it beautiful! They've had a late fall, so the colors are still out.

Kristie: Ryan would have had more fun putting shelves together for you. What a sucky game! And being the masochists that we are, we watched the whole thing....

Crystal said...

It was -10 with the windchill here in central Ontario this a.m. Coldest morning, so far this fall. I hate winter. I think I'll move to Florida.

Alie said...

Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving, Wendy! I hate winter too, but living in south western Ontario we do get some from those nasty great lakes! I'm sure you remember from your living in Michigan days.

I had a random question for you lol. I was thinking earlier about a book I read a few years ago and for the life of me cannot remember the title or author. It was a romance of course and the plot was about a man just released from prison or going to prison (I forget which) for murder and he ends up living with a woman in her house/apartment or he takes her hostage? I remember it was really good and I'd like to re-read it lol. Thanks for any suggestions!

PS: It wasn't Perfect by Judith McNaught.

Kate R said...

First snow of the season and I'm thinking, oh, god months of this. Months of slippery driving and sidewalks and oh, blah.

Bet it's gorgeous there. Happy Thanksgiving.

Wendy said...

We've seen a little snow - but not enough to write home about. The Boyfriend and I have agreed - we really don't miss snow all that much.

I don't know it, but let me tackle it when I get back home. Maybe I'll devote a whole blog post to it. Unless anyone reading the comments happens to know?

Alie said...

LOL thanks Wendy! I appreciate the effort :)