Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm Hopeless

After calling in sick on Friday, I got into the office today to discover some ARCs had arrived in my absence. One of which was the upcoming Scarpetta novel by Patricia Cornwell.

Say it with me now: Squeeeeeeeee!

This is the bad thing about being a librarian. The last Cornwell book I outright enjoyed was Black Notice (5 books ago). I stopped buying my own copy after I damn near threw Blow Fly through a wall, but I'm a librarian. Literally thousands of books at my fingertips that I don't have to buy. Which means I keep reading series I should probably give up on because I'll just end up borrowing it from work. It's an insidious cycle I tell you.

I can't believe one of my coworkers didn't snap this up in my absence last week. Which just goes to show I'm not the only one who has been disappointed in the last couple of books.

I was rather high up on the holds list for this one, but now with an ARC in my hot little hands, I got to delete myself off the list. I always feel guilty (as a staff member) borrowing "in demand" books, so to compensate, when I get one I check it out and read it as fast as humanly possible (usually in a matter of days). Now I don't have to. I can get to this one at my leisure, although I'll still be reading it during the month of October.

For the rest of you hopeless types, official laydown date is October 23.


Gail K. said...

You put yourself on hold lists? If I were a librarian I'd probably be giving myself special little privileges left-and-right. Kinda like an employee discount or perk! Do you guys need to take a Librarian's Oath of Ethics?

Wendy said...

The policy where I work is that yes, staff members can place holds. BUT, we have to follow the same rules as a regular library patron. That means no renewing books that have a waiting list on them, no placing your request ahead of the waiting list even if you are #153 etc. Administration does keep track of this sort of thing and some staff members have hand their hands slapped.

I was #7 on the waiting list for Book Of The Dead. I'm glad an ARC floated in, because I was able to cancel my hold which means whoever was #8 is now #7. Lucky dogs.

Gail K. said...

Thanks for sharing the info, Wendy. Lotsa hand-slapping by admin, huh. Good thing I didn't pursue that career route! Too many opportunities to succumb to temptation and corruption ;) I am impossibly weak-willed when it comes to books. My wallet can attest to this.

Lori Devoti said...

I used to love that series too. :( You have held out WAY longer than I did...

Wendy said...

Cornwell isn't even my biggest shame. I'm still reading the now incredibly dreadful beyond words Cat Who series by Lilian Jackson Braun. I tell myself I'm going to quit then the little taunting voice in the back of my mind says, "Oh, just get it from work! It's free! And you'll read it in a day!"

Being a librarian has made it impossible for me to cut the cord on mystery series I've been reading for a long time. Part nostalgia and part masochism.