Friday, March 16, 2007

Inner Child

Last night I put on hold the fact that I'm 31 years old and watched the Curious George movie. Actually, what makes it all the more shocking is that The Boyfriend turned it on while channel surfing and kept it there. We watched the whole movie.

Curious George is one of the greatest children's book characters ever written. He brings out a child-like innocence in all of us. That time in our lives when everything was exciting and new. It also helps that George gets into all kinds of trouble - trouble that every kid wishes they had the nerve to start except they're afraid they'll get in trouble. With George, it's cute and also unexpected. You just don't know what that naughty little monkey will do next.

The movie is definitely geared towards little kids, which I think Ron Howard got some flak for. Seriously though, isn't it nice to just see a G-rated movie every now and then? And Lord knows there are so few these days. This one was cute, sweet, and dang I smiled the whole way through it. You can't watch Curious George and be a piss pot. Not possible.


~ames~ said...

Ok, you made up my mind for me. I haven't watched this yet. And I loved Curious George.

Rosie said...

My sister has always loved monkeys and Curious George is a big favorite of hers. She's a teacher and has employed CG curiousity in teaching plans.

As for Ron Howard maybe he wanted to make a movie his grandchildren could watch. His daughter actress Bryce Howard is expecting her first child soon.

It's surprising how many animated movies are PG13 now. Very few Gs.

Wendy said...

It's a cute, children's movie. I thought the animation was well done and dang, George is just so dang sweet. Well worth stopping to watch if you catch it on HBO.

Just like my romance novels, sometimes I just want a "sweet" movie. And this one was. Very cute.

Tara Marie said...

We saw Curious George in the theater. It was our son's first movie theater experience and he absolutely loved it and I have to agree it was very cute.

And I appreciate that it's geared for little ones. The other day my son quoted from the movie Cars... "I'm stuck in hillbilly hell." "Excuse me!!" "Sorry Mom."

Big Sis said...

As the parent of a 5 year old and 2 year old I agree there are not enough G rated movies out there.

Several years ago (before I had kids) I dragged a friend to see The Sand Lot in the theater. I wanted to see it because it looked like a good comedy. My friend had a fit because it was rated G, so it must be strictly for kids. But he ended up eating crow because we both loved it.
For those of you who have not seen it, it's a for real and true "family movie". Every age will like it. The actors are great, and hey! it's baseball season again!!!

Lil Sis said...

Ok - I'll weigh in as I LOVE George and have tons of George stuff. I really liked the movie - it fits the books. And it is a book geared towards EARLY readers, thus, the movie should be for little kids. I wasn't sure I would like the "new" George as he didn't look like my old ratty stuffed animal. BUT, I think he's adorable now. I also went to the Orlando Art Museum which had the traveling exhibit of Rey artwork - including George. :) Oh, and I agree with Big Sis on The Sandlot - I loved that too - FOR - EV - ER! (You'll get that joke if you've seen the movie!)

Wendy said...

Lil Sis:
I love the fact that the ship in the movie Curious George was names the "H.A. Rey." A little librarian humor there.

I know I've seen Sandlot but it's been a long time.

Big Sis: Ah yes, baseball season. Time for me to spend more quality time starring at Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez's butt. That man has the finest butt in baseball.

Lady Rooster said...

Some days when I need to unwind and feel young again I turn on The Flinstones on Cartoon Network. Take me back to days of big round cars, when my parents paid 85 cent to bowl a game, McDonald hamburger only come little for 29 cents, girls wear dresses to school and boys wear their best pants and shirts. LOL