Monday, March 19, 2007

I Love My Sister

A conversation many moons ago...

Older Sis: Have you seen the movie Beauty Shop?

: Can't say that I have. (Since this conversation, I have)

Older Sis
: Oh girl, there's this scene where Queen Latifah knocks on this guy's door and he answers it with no shirt on. It's worth the price of a rental. What is that guy's name? You know, the African guy from Amistad. (My sister is horrible with actor's names)

: Ah, Djimon Hounsou - AKA the only reason I can sit through Gladiator. Yeah, he is fine.

Older Sis
: Watch the movie.

So in honor of me finally getting a hair cut this past weekend, I thought we should all bask in the glow of Djimon. Yeah, yeah - he's a good actor, but honestly, we're women and all we care about are hot men that look good naked. Frankly, I'd get my hair cut a lot more often if there was a chance I could look upon a specimen as fine as Djimon. I should be so lucky.

And in other news (like you care after getting an eyeful of Djimon) I'm still not reading. Must get my ass in gear since new review books showed up over the weekend.


SandyW said...

I think I love your sister too, if she’s the reason you posted this picture.

Thanks SO very much.

Rosie said...

How'd I miss this post yesterday? There is something a bit more satisfying admiring a truly beautiful man when you know he is as talented as Mr. Hounsou.