Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Random Tidbits

Some random tidbits for today's blog posting:

First, my second column is up at Romancing the Blog. Stop by, leave a comment!

Also, I was remiss in not announcing the world that February 28 was the 2nd anniversary for my blog. I'm not sure if that's pathetic (shut-up already Wendy!) or an accomplishment of some sort. Jury is still out.

Just got an e-mail from my former boss back in Michigan. He told me he had a new contact with a library employment service and that I should forward my resume to him. I like California, but I'm not sure I'll end up staying here for the rest of my life. I do miss home. It's probably a good thing I didn't get this e-mail last week because I likely would have sent my resume with this note attached:
"Get me the Hell out of here now!"

Ah, to maybe work for a library that had money.

I can hear you all thinking, "Oh c'mon Wendy. It's can't be that bad."

Um, yeah it is. Here are the things my library system is currently not purchasing with central funds:
  1. Pretty much any form of media. Audio books (on tape or CD), videos, DVDs.
  2. Paperbacks. Period. I see a new title about once every 3 months (usually a Nora Roberts title, sometimes something more obscure)
  3. Smaller branches (i.e. Me) are getting minimal number of reference books. I did get a 2005 WorldBook encyclopedia though - so maybe I shouldn't bitch.
So what does this mean? Well, if I want any of these items I need to beg my Friends Of The Library (wonderful folks - and I do mean that!) for funds or get it through donations.

It's only March 2 and I personally have already donated $457.97 in books. 9 hard covers and 35 paperbacks. I used to check out audio books from the library, but now I'm thinking if I ever want to see any new titles at my branch that I need to start buying those myself and donating them after I'm finished. The only new audio titles I get these days are ones my adult services librarian has been donating.

Why this sucks? Because ultimately the library patrons are subject to the whims of what the staff reads. I'm donating a bunch of romance and a little bit of mystery. Those hard covers I donated were mainly history/biography titles left over from my hoity-toity college days.

My adult services librarian likes funny and light mysteries. We're talking light. She pretty much steers clear of anything that has a smidgen of blood between the pages.

I did just place a book order today with Friends money and intentionally focused on areas I know our patrons will enjoy.
  1. Women's fiction (you know, books where someone dies of cancer at the end)
  2. True Crime
  3. Fantasy
  4. Some newer thriller type books that should appeal to men
  5. Some miscellanous non-fiction titles (biography, Weight Watchers etc.)
All areas of the library that need some help, and that I'm not getting donations in. So the next time you think that your library system is behind the times, out of touch and has a piss-poor selection just remember - it could be worse. I long for the days when my only concern was maybe I only ordered 20 new audio book titles in a given month instead of 30.

And that concludes today's whine.

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