Monday, October 4, 2004

Happy Monday - I know you're all dying to hear my football picks for Week 4 in the NFL, and I got some doozies.

I cleaned up this week with my "Upset Specials." I picked the Giants over Green Bay (sorry Brett Farve!) and San Diego over Tennesse. Unfortunately, I was a little gun shy after picking San Diego so I went conservative when picking New Orleans over Arizona. What ticks me off is I was thisclose to picking Arizona, but wanted a cushion in case Tennessee pulled out a win. San Diego ended up winning for me - and naturally New Orleans continued their slide into mediocrity. Drat! That's what I get for playing it safe.

I'm not even going to discuss the Buffalo Bills. It's just too depressing.

In other sports news - regular season baseball is over and my Tigers did not finish .500. A bummer since I really got my hopes up about that. But the season wasn't a total wash, and lets face it - it was way better than last year. Everyone in So. California is naturally excited over both L.A. and Anaheim making it to the post season - but frankly I don't expect much. L.A. has been flaky this year and they play St. Louis in round 1. So long Dodgers - we hardly knew ye.

I'm pulling big time for Minnesota for 2 reasons 1) I kinda like 'em and 2) they're playing the dreaded NY Skankies. Of course, Minnesota blew their shot at home field advantage, so I'm not terribly optimistic.

In exciting library news, I arrived at work this morning to discover one man lurking on the side of the building and a homeless man sleeping in our back patio. Doesn't that sound terribly safe for a single and wimpy girl like myself? I have since called the cops to report the incident and the dispatch lady was supposed to relay the report to the beat cops.

We'll see if that helps the problem at all. I've known for months that I have homeless camping out here, today was just the first day I found the smoking gun.

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