Monday, October 11, 2004

God bless Christopher Columbus. Because he was a man, got lost, and didn't ask directions - I get the day off! One of the few perks to being a librarian is all the holiday time.

Since it's Monday, it's time to talk football. My most excellent pick this week was:

Tampa Bay over New Orleans. In a fit of frustration last week I told my boyfriend that I wasn't calling New Orleans the rest of the season. He said, "You'll get half the games wrong." I said, "Well I'm getting them all wrong now!" And wouldn't you know - me picking the winless, dismal Bucs paid off. Now that's girl luck!

In reading news, there was a discussion on one of my romance reading listservs about themes/plot devices we hate. I naturally had a list - but one was strongly reinforced this past weekend when I finished Wild In The Moonlight by Jennifer Greene (Silhouette Desire 1588). It's an excellent story by the way, and a quick read - but darn if I don't get annoyed with the old, "I was hopelessly infertile, my asshole husband dumped me for a baby making bimbo, but you're super sperm have now come along and voila!" plot device.

This just annoys me. I know that infertility is a mysterious and heartbreaking problem for many couples. I'm not inhumane. But this tendency towards miraculous conception in many romance novels (Greene is hardly the first or the last to use this plot device) is just insulting in my ever so humble opinion. It's like the heroine isn't "complete" unless she's squirting out baby after baby. It also suggests that only a "real man" (ie. our hero) is capable of getting a woman knocked up.

But hell, I'm probably reading way too much into it - as usual. If said plot device doesn't annoy you - I do strongly recommend Wild In The Moonlight. Greene has written many books, and I've enjoyed her work in the past. She just pushed one of my hot buttons with this one.

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