Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Another day, another smutty read for Wendy.

I drew the straw to review Personal Assets by Emma Holly and all I can say is thank you! Thank you Jesus! This is my third read by Holly, and it's fairly safe to say that I'll be adding her name to my favorite authors list.

I'm a firm believer in trashy reads. Every now and then I just plain need one. Something so smutty that it should probably come wrapped in brown paper and be hidden whenever my father sets foot into my apartment. Although, frankly, Holly never steps beyond the bounds of good taste - but that's all subjective I suppose. One girl's trashy read is another girl's complete filth.

I think the biggest reason some people don't read for pleasure is because they're reading the wrong stuff. There seems to be this hoity-toity attitude that it's not "good" unless you "learn" something from it. Trust me, I know quite a few people (including ex-boyfriends - you know who you are) who could learn quite a bit from Emma Holly's books.

But that's just my opinion....

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