Monday, October 6, 2003

It has been an emotionally exhausting last few days.

For those of you who are unemployed, or know someone who is currently unemployed, then you know how much the economy sucks eggs right now. I'm madly in love with my boyfriend of 5+ years who has been struggling to find a job since finishing college in December. It's been a frustrating experience for both of us, and he finally decided to do something risky in the hopes of improving his situation. He drove to California after his employment agency contact out there said she could hook him up with some interviews.

Is it just me or does that sound like something out of a Steinbeck novel?

Anywho - so he's been gone since Saturday and after living with him for 4+ years I'm finding an empty apartment a little lonely.

I have gotten some major cleaning done though. I wouldn't be surprised if my gentle blog readers heard the harrowing screams of dust bunnies on Sunday. I foolishly moved my bed. My advice - never do that. What one discovers underneath a bed is truly horrific.

I also reorganized my books - which is no small feat. The nice thing is that I finally separated out all my trashy Harlequin books and have them in their own area for easy grabbing. I also have my historical and contemporary romances pretty much in their own separate areas. What can I say? Occupational hazard.

The one thing I haven't been doing is reading. I'm still working on Barely A Bride by Rebecca Hagan Lee. I've already told myself that I'm going to have it done by Tuesday or die trying.

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